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August 6, 2012

Nail of the Day: Chevron Nails

Hi there!

I discovered this nail trend called 'chevron nails' recently. It's basically a look that uses a variety of patterns on the ridge of the nails. I first saw YouTuber Nicole (her channel is nguerriero19) do a nail tutorial on this look (click here to see the video) and got inspired to try it myself! :) I find it really original, and the best part, it's really easy to do! For step by step instructions on how to get this nail look, check out Nicole's video! You only need 2-3 different nail polishes, a top coat, scotch tape, and nail polish remover to clean the edges. I used blue and violet polishes - I coated all of my nails with the violet polish, and then simply cut up little scotch tape squares and stuck them just above my mid-nail with the pointed end sticking upward and painted the part of my nails above blue. I'm really happy with the results! Just a couple of tips: make sure you nails are completely dry between each coat, and peel the scotch tape off before the coat dries.

What nail looks have you been into lately? Do you like the Chevron trend?

Nat xx


  1. i love everything chevron, i seriously mean everything! haha! your nails look awesome!


  2. Thanks Stesha! :) I always love finding something new and fun to do on my nails!

  3. Love both of those colors! Your mani came out terrific!


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