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April 28, 2022

Protecia Skincare | Review


As a beauty blogger, I have had the great joy of testing many skincare brands over the years and I get the most excited when trying out new up-and-coming brands. I enjoy documenting my thoughts online as I myself always turn to the internet when it comes to reviews of a product I am considering purchasing. That being said, I was recently introduced to Protecia*, a Canadian-founded and Korean-made skincare brand that caters to those of us living in an urban environment. With this lifestyle comes exposure to higher levels of pollution which leads to what has been termed by dermatologists as "city skin," whereby our pores get more clogged, as opposed to if one lived outside of an urban setting. Aimed to protect the skin, Protecia was created to combat dryness, irritation, dark spots and premature aging which often come from living in a metropolitan area. I was so intrigued by the mission statement of Protecia, and I am so excited to share my insights after testing the entire line over the last few weeks.

April 25, 2022

Pascoe Vitamin C Serum Intensive Care | Review


I am always amazed when I come across a health and wellness brand I have not heard about and discover they have been in the game for a very long time. Curious about my most recent find? Pascoe*, a German brand that was founded in 1895 and that specializes in natural health care products as well as supplements. I was thrilled to see that they have their own skincare line, and was excited to get my hands on their Vitamin C Serum Intensive Care which I've had the pleasure of testing out over the last couple of weeks. Keep reading to find out my thoughts on this fabulous facial product!
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