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August 28, 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar for Getting Rid of Impurities on Hair and Face

If you are suffering from weighed-down locks because of all the hair products you have been applying to your hair recently, apple cider vinegar will be your savior. That is because it is naturally clarifying, meaning it gets rid of all of the build-up on your hair. Clarifying shampoos are available in stores, but for the price, you might as well make your own for much cheaper - and knowing what you are putting onto your hair is definitely a plus!

Filsinger's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
$3.99 CAN Health Food Store

August 22, 2012

Aloe Vera: A Cure for Acne Scarring and A Pimple Buster

Acne sucks. Especially when you've had blemishes since your pre-teen years and are now in your twenties and pimples are still stubbornly "sticking around". With time, scars are almost inevitable and are a pain to get rid of or, for that matter, cover up. Here's where aloe vera comes in!

August 19, 2012

Nail of the Day: Sephora by OPI 'Natural Environ-mint'

Just wanted to share with you what I've been sporting on my nails for the last little while: it is a beautiful baby blue called 'Natural Environ-mint' by 'Sephora by OPI'. I absolutely love the color and I have received many compliments on my nails. The consistency is easy to work with, as with only two coats I was able to achieve full opacity. :)


August 17, 2012

Wet n Wild Haul + Swatches!

It's official - I'm on the Wet n Wild bandwagon!

I have never tried anything from Wet n Wild, but I've heard such great things about the amazing pigmentation of their eye shadows and blushes that I decided to go a little crazy and purchase 4 of their products on my last trip to Walmart. They are really inexpensive but so good quality (although the packaging is on the cheap side). Sorry this is so picture heavy, I kind of got carried away! ;)


August 15, 2012

Glittery Nail of the Day: Technic's Carnival

Hello friends!

I was watching one of essiebutton's videos on YouTube when she flashed her nails and my jaw immediately dropped in amazement - she had the prettiest glittery nail polish on! She mentions the polish in the first minute of her video (click here to access it and see her beautiful nails in action). I later found the seller on ebay, so if you would like to purchase this nail polish as well, click here. For a little over $6 CAD (including shipping fees), I would say it's a steal! :)

I applied Essie's "Mademoiselle" as a sheer nude base and then applid Technic's "Carnival", which consists of blue, green, red, silver, and gold glitters of various sizes, allowing for a sparkly spectacle for anyone who sets eyes on your nails. I finished it off with a top coat, and voilà, you have disco multi-colored nails!

After 1 coat of Essie's "Mademoiselle" and 3 coats of Technic's "Carnival" 

August 11, 2012

Chanel Éclat Lumière Highlighter Face Pen: A Review!

Hello Ladies!

Today I bring to you a very exciting purchase I made recently. I was in the market for a good concealer, and when I passed the Chanel counter at Ogilvy's in downtown Montreal, I decided to see what the brand had to offer. I have never owned anything Chanel before, and after getting past spending  $45 on a mere 1.2 mL of liquid product (which I still can't believe I did!) , I really started to embrace my new beauty find.


August 7, 2012

How to clean your makeup brushes for really cheap!

Hi you! :)

Just wanted to share with you two really inexpensive ways to clean makeup brushes. I know how makeup brush cleansers can put a big hole in your wallet, and these methods I use are just as efficient as 'labelled' brush cleansers and come at a fraction of the cost!



August 6, 2012

Nail of the Day: Chevron Nails

Hi there!

I discovered this nail trend called 'chevron nails' recently. It's basically a look that uses a variety of patterns on the ridge of the nails. I first saw YouTuber Nicole (her channel is nguerriero19) do a nail tutorial on this look (click here to see the video) and got inspired to try it myself! :) I find it really original, and the best part, it's really easy to do! For step by step instructions on how to get this nail look, check out Nicole's video! You only need 2-3 different nail polishes, a top coat, scotch tape, and nail polish remover to clean the edges. I used blue and violet polishes - I coated all of my nails with the violet polish, and then simply cut up little scotch tape squares and stuck them just above my mid-nail with the pointed end sticking upward and painted the part of my nails above blue. I'm really happy with the results! Just a couple of tips: make sure you nails are completely dry between each coat, and peel the scotch tape off before the coat dries.

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