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August 22, 2012

Aloe Vera: A Cure for Acne Scarring and A Pimple Buster

Acne sucks. Especially when you've had blemishes since your pre-teen years and are now in your twenties and pimples are still stubbornly "sticking around". With time, scars are almost inevitable and are a pain to get rid of or, for that matter, cover up. Here's where aloe vera comes in!
For the longest time I bought pharmacy concoctions to try to get rid of scarring, but as I did more research and got more into natural skin care, I discovered the benefits of aloe vera for redness and inflammation. Reading reviews on also convinced me that it really does work (click here to read the comments). After consistently using this product in my evening skin care routine for over a month, I can say it really has diminished the redness on my face. I now even use it as an all over nightly facial moisturizer. I simply wash it off in the morning as it can leave a slight film. I love it because it feels so cooling and refreshing on the skin at application. You can also apply it exclusively on the areas that are breaking out, and it will diminish and dry up your pimple overnight. I got a big tube of aloe vera for only $4.99 at my local health store, so it not leaving a big hole in your pocket is definitely a plus (and it will last you for months and months)! Aloe vera can also be used for so many other things: for instance, the other day I had a ginormous inflamed mosquito bite on my stomach and the itching was unbearable until I applied some aloe vera gel and the inflammation and itching vanished almost instantly.

If you are an acne sufferer like me, you should definitely try out aloe vera! :)

Have you tried it before? What were the results?

Nat xx



  1. I am definitely an acne sufferer, so i will try to find this product. haha I agree with using more natural substances may be better :)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely try this. :)

  3. I've only ever used aloe for sunburns! Good to know it works for acne scarring too.. thanks for sharing Natalie!


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