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June 15, 2012

Essence Haul!

Hey there! :)

So today I went out on the hunt for Essence products, which I've only been able to find at my downtown Shoppers Drug Mart here in Montreal. I've heard many good things about this brand from Canadian youtuber cityandmakeup (click here to see the video where she raves about their products) and also Greek youtuber myburlesque (click here to listen to her talk about their new collection). FYI, Essence is not Canadian, but a German brand, based in both Frankfurt and New York. Their products are SO inexpensive here in Canada, and given the fact that they were on sale, I got even more excited to get my hands on some of their stuff!

Grand Total: $10.76 (pre-tax)

June 4, 2012

Why your hair will thank you: Organix Argan Oil Review

Hi Ladies!

So today I will let you in on my little secret for keeping my hair extra soft and hydrated: it is a product by Organix called "Renewing Moroccan Argan Deep Penetrating Oil". Let me tell you, this stuff is so awesome! I'm on my second bottle already! :)

Retail price at Walmart: $8.99
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