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June 4, 2012

Why your hair will thank you: Organix Argan Oil Review

Hi Ladies!

So today I will let you in on my little secret for keeping my hair extra soft and hydrated: it is a product by Organix called "Renewing Moroccan Argan Deep Penetrating Oil". Let me tell you, this stuff is so awesome! I'm on my second bottle already! :)

Retail price at Walmart: $8.99
100 mL or 3.3 fl. oz.

I started reading about the benefits of argan oil for our skin, nails, and hair, and heard some pretty good reviews about this product and this company, so I decided to try this product out. What particularly drew me to Organix is that all of their products are sulfate free, an ingredient which recent studies have found to damage and weaken the hair, and which is commonly used in shampoos and conditioners (and it is usually the second ingredient... yikes!). This is an oil that is to be used after having removed the excess water in your hair with a towel. I apply it starting from my hair tips and gradually work my way up to about ear level, smoothing and combing it into my hair with my fingers. You can also use a comb, but I find that using my fingers is sufficient. I would also suggest avoiding your roots, since your scalp area doesn't need extra conditioning. Within 5 minutes, your hair will absorb the oil, and you will be left with super shiny, silky hair once it has dried!

I shared my first bottle with my sister, and it lasted us 5 months - a little goes a long way with this. A quarter teaspoon is the amount I would estimate I apply to my hair. The oil comes out really quickly because of the cap's design (basically a big hole with the stuff spilling out like crazy if you squeeze too hard) which is my only complaint with this otherwise great product. This stuff smells soo good: I would describe the scent as nutty sweetness!

I would like to end this blog post by advising you not to use this product on your skin or nails, since it is designed solely for hair use. Instead, use 100% cold pressed argan oil (basically the purest form of argan oil) which can easily be found at a health food store for $10-$15. I have been using pure argan oil on my skin, and definitely notice an improvement in terms of hydration. Let me know in a comment below if you've used this penetrating oil or if would like me to do a review on pure argan oil and its benefits! :) 

Have a great day!

Nat xx


  1. i've just been looking for a new hair oil this morning when i found your blog- i've been using the joico k-pak oil, and then the macadamia repair oil but i get bored so easy!

    will have to give this a try and see how it compares :)

  2. I just started using this ... I love it! Glad to hear that it can last up to 5 months ;) Thanks for checking out my blog and following me ... following you back ;)

    ♥ Shia

  3. I've heard a lot of mix reviews on this brand about the shampoos and conditioners being drying. But I have yet to see a review on this product - the oil- to have any ill words. Maybe it's time for me to try this out! I've been thinking of using an oil on my ends.

    PS found you from the Bloglovetherapy blog hop.

    1. I actually tried the Organix cherry blossom wasn't drying, but didn't do much for my hair compared to less expensive shampoos that work better in my opinion. But the oil I really like, I keep on repurchasing it! :) Followed you back! x


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