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June 15, 2012

Essence Haul!

Hey there! :)

So today I went out on the hunt for Essence products, which I've only been able to find at my downtown Shoppers Drug Mart here in Montreal. I've heard many good things about this brand from Canadian youtuber cityandmakeup (click here to see the video where she raves about their products) and also Greek youtuber myburlesque (click here to listen to her talk about their new collection). FYI, Essence is not Canadian, but a German brand, based in both Frankfurt and New York. Their products are SO inexpensive here in Canada, and given the fact that they were on sale, I got even more excited to get my hands on some of their stuff!

Grand Total: $10.76 (pre-tax)
Fancy Lashes (comes with glue too)
ON SALE $3.14
XXXL Shine Lipgloss
#18 Sparkling Papaya
ON SALE $2.24
Get Big Lashes Volume BOOST Mascara
ON SALE $3.14
Long Lasting Eye Pencil
#09 Cool Down
ON SALE $2.24
I am going out tonight and I can't wait to try some of these products out!

Have you already tried anything from Essence or do you plan on trying some of their products?

Nat xx
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  1. Thanks. ;* I had this lipgloss and it was amazing! Cieszę się, że dzięki mojemu blogowi podszkolisz się w jezyku. ;D

  2. Essence products are inexpensive everywhere I think :) We had this brand in every drugstore here in Hungary but I'm not a big fan of it. You can find great stuff from this brand but most of the products are just OK. :)

  3. It's inexpensive in Europe too, but I really like their eyeliner and some nail polish. They had NUDE GLAM collection earlier this year and the nail polishes were amazing.

    1. I haven't tried their nail polishes, although I don't think I've seen them where I live, but yes they have awesome beauty products! :)

  4. To me it's so funny when people get excited about essence (usually in the US, apparently essence products are fairy hard to get there?). Since I live in Germany, it's a regular brand and nobody cares too much about it :) I mean, hype-wise. Of course people do like the products, it's just nothing spectacular. I myself am a huge essence fan, they make my favorite eyeliner (liquid ink waterproof) and my holy grail mascara (the pink I love extreme - loooove!) and it's all super cheap. I also collect their limited edition blushes. What I've been using daily ever since I bought it is their new box with face products (obviously Benefit 'inspired') with a beautiful highlighter and an AMAZING hot pink matte blush. Ahhh, love! <3 They also have some pretty decent brushes and beautiful glitter nail polishes. A really great brand imo. So while I'm happy about essence, I do wish they sold wet n wild or ELF or jordana or NYC in Germany. I mean, wet n wild IS sold here, but only in veeeery few stores all over the country, so I've never spotted it anywhere. Right now I'm doing research on some products that aren't available in Germany I need to check out as I'll be visiting my family in TX soon :) I know you live in Canada so that's a whole different selection there brand wise but do you have any special must have recommendations? Sorry bout the long comment but I wanted to ask you as I really like your blog, and you seem so nice :) xx Emma

    1. Hi Emma :) Haha yes we always seem to get excited about things that are hard to find! I'm not too sure how available Essence is in the US, but in Canada it is carried at a major drugstore :) I wonder if those new boxed face products have been released here as well, will definitely have to check it out! Wet n Wild is sold at Walmart in Canada, but I know in the US they sell it at various stores. Their eye shadow trios have amazing pigmentation (I love Walking On Eggshells) and I use their eye and brow pencil all the time because it is inexpensive yet so creamy. I have the ELF blush in Pink Passion which looks intimidating in the pan but gives a nice sheer flush and also really love Jordana's Best Lash Extreme mascara which I ordered from the states since the brand isn't sold in Canada.

      Thanks for reading, and happy US shopping! :) x


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