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July 5, 2012

Product Rave: The Clarisonic Mia!

Hey there!

I had heard amazing reviews for the Clarisonic cleansing system on YouTube, and when I went into Ogilvy's in downtown Montreal and saw the Clarisonic Mia beautifully displayed on a shelf a couple of weeks ago, I of course gave in and purchased it, right after calming down from doing my little happy dance (I never thought I would be able to find it in stores in Canada, especially Montreal, although later that day I also found it at the newly opened Sephora a few blocks away... YAY)! The Mia comes in a variety of colors, and I decided to get it in this pretty lilac! :)

Comes with:
Clarisonic Mia
Sensitive Brush head
Universal Voltage Charger
Sample size (1  fl Oz or 30 mL) Gentle Hydro Cleanser
Front: the green light appears in the middle and flashes when in use/charging/low battery
Sensitive Brush Head
Back: Start/Stop button and Magnetic Charger
Replacement brush head that my sister bought so that she could use it as well!
Trial Size Refreshing Gel Cleanser for Normal/Oily Skin
Ingredients: Willow Bark, CoQ10, and Bearberry
This baby was definitely an investment, costing a little over $179 CDN ($149 + extra brush head at 29$), but let me tell you it was well worth it! I split the cost with my sister, since it is perfect for sharing with members of your household (although it is not recommended that you use the same brush, so we bought an extra brush instead). The first time I used the device my skin felt soo smooth and was actually glowing!

This microdermabrasion kit is ideal for evening out your skin texture by removing dirt and dead skin cells, finishing the job that your facial cleanser and/or scrub may have missed. It also noticeably shrinks your pores. The brush head spins at an incredible speed, gently massaging your skin for an entire minute and leaving it squeaky clean. It is safe to use once or even twice a day, and is gentle enough to be used by acne sufferers like me. The kit also comes with a sample size cleanser, which in my opinion works quite well. You can basically use it with any cleanser that won't be too harsh, since it really works that product into your skin and allows it to better absorb anything else you usually apply to your face, such as moisturisers, masks, etc.

What I particularly enjoy about the Clarisonic Mia is that it is waterproof, so you can use it while in the shower. The charger is magnetic and clips right onto the bottom of it, which I find so cool and innovative since I've never even heard of such a thing before. The only downside is that it takes 24 hours to charge, but you still get 20 uses out of it in between charges (there is a green light that warns you when it is about to completely discharge). The brush head should be replaced every 4 months (same idea as a toothbrush). I think I will buy the brush head designed for acne-prone skin next time, since they have many kinds to choose from.

The difference between the Mia and the Mia 2 is that the original only has one speed whereas the newest version has two speeds. Personally I don't think it's worth spending the extra $30, since this thing works at an amazingly fast speed anyhow! :)

Overall, I have noticed a significant improvement in the appearance and texture of my skin (I am acne-prone and have some major scarring on my cheeks) since I first started using it 3 weeks ago, and can't wait to see how my skin will look a few months from now!

Nat xx

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  1. I have heard this tool is awesome, glad it worked for you! Thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. Amazing blog :)

    Everything is great.

    Follow each other?

    xoxo , Azra

  3. i seriously need a clarisonic in my life. it's so pricey though :s
    great blog post! :D

  4. This product sounds great - I've seen a lot of videos of Miss Glamorazzi raving about this too! Unfortunately its just waaaay out of my budget!


  5. I love my Mia as well! It definitely is an investment, but it's totally worth it in my books. My face feels so inadequately cleansed when I don't use it!

  6. I have thought about getting one of these but there is so many to chose from it seems like so thank you for sharing your review. It helps.


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