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July 22, 2012

Super Quick & Easy Side Braid!

Hi there! :)

Today I decided to add an extra touch to my usual ponytail when getting ready to go to work. I ended up creating a side braid after having split my hair to one side. You don't need to be a pro braid-er (I guess that's how I'll put it lol) to get this hairstyle, since french braids/fishtail braids can sometimes be tricky to recreate. You simply take a strand that is approximately 2 inches wide and split it in half. Then, you start braiding these 2 pieces and gradually add a little hair, at every twist, to one strand, and then add hair to the other, and so on. I did this on second-day hair, and it really adds a nice touch to my otherwise boring ponytail. The braid catches the light nicely and brings out some of my natural highlights. Here are a few snap shots! :)

How do you like styling your hair when you get bored of your usual hair do's?

Nat xx


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