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August 15, 2012

Glittery Nail of the Day: Technic's Carnival

Hello friends!

I was watching one of essiebutton's videos on YouTube when she flashed her nails and my jaw immediately dropped in amazement - she had the prettiest glittery nail polish on! She mentions the polish in the first minute of her video (click here to access it and see her beautiful nails in action). I later found the seller on ebay, so if you would like to purchase this nail polish as well, click here. For a little over $6 CAD (including shipping fees), I would say it's a steal! :)

I applied Essie's "Mademoiselle" as a sheer nude base and then applid Technic's "Carnival", which consists of blue, green, red, silver, and gold glitters of various sizes, allowing for a sparkly spectacle for anyone who sets eyes on your nails. I finished it off with a top coat, and voilà, you have disco multi-colored nails!

After 1 coat of Essie's "Mademoiselle" and 3 coats of Technic's "Carnival" 

Technic's "Carnival"
Base Coat: Essie's "Mademoiselle"
What is your favorite glittery nail polish?
Nat xx



  1. I love the look of this glitter but it's pain in the butt to take off the glitter. :(

    1. Yes, it definitely can be a pain, but I've learned a tip that makes the removal process much easier: simply cut up nail-sized pieces of cotton from a cotton round or cotton ball, soak the cotton pieces in nail polish remover, place them on each of your nails and wrap each one up in aluminium foil, then wait ten minutes and the glitter should glide off your nails. :)

  2. beautiful pictures! :)

  3. Wow that is great advice I love Butter, pink sparkle but like M. I tend not to use it as it takes a month full of Sundays lol to get it off1


  4. i first saw this rainbow nail polish on essiebutton's blog. it really does look amazing!
    thanks for the post :)

  5. I love the look of this, I'll keep an eye out for it!

    Amy (fellow geographer)! :P

  6. This is such a pretty nail varnish! xx

  7. Hello there

    I love the glitter! I'm wanting to buy some glittery nail polish to go over red polish for christmas day and you have just reminded me :)

    Popping by via the "Not quite there link up" I am now following you and have liked your FB page :)

    (newbie blogger)
    Blog URL:
    Twitter: @12mttns


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