April 17, 2017

Soufeel Jewelry Rose Gold Charm Bracelet

Soufeel Jewelry Rose Gold Charm Bracelet

My jewelry collection is ever-growing, and one of my most prized possessions are my two Soufeel Jewelry bracelets I put together a couple of years ago (you can have a look here and here). I recently had the opportunity to build a third bracelet*, and this time around, instead of going for their basic bracelet, I opted for their rose gold clasp bracelet. Choosing charms is never an easy feat as there are so many to choose from (as in, over 500!), but after browsing through their various collections I found pieces that really spoke to me and I couldn't be happier with how everything came together. What I love about Soufeel is that all of their jewelry is made with 100% 925 sterling silver and they also use Swarovski and coloured gems to grace their creations, and despite their amazing quality their products are still very affordable. If you are looking for a Pandora-like bracelet at a fraction of the price, Soufeel is the way to go!

April 9, 2017

EPIC EMPTIES | Winter 2017 Edition

Epic Empties

Back at it again with a bunch of empties! I'm actually super pleased as I have cleared out a bunch of products I've been holding onto for a while, but also gave some extra products that have just been taking up space away to friends and family, and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. Might have to do with spring cleaning and wanting to start the season on a lighter note, and I am sure a lot of you can relate. So without further ado, see below for a closer look and overview of my beauty and random trash, too!

April 3, 2017

Say Goodbye To Tangles With Milk + Sass Macaron For Hair

Milk + Sass Macaron For Hair

Life has just become that much sweeter as macarons have now become part of my daily routine. Not the edible kind however - allow me to introduce you to Milk + Sass Macaron For Hair*. These cleverly designed detangling hairbrushes are not only super adorable, but they are also convenient and get the job done without putting you through unnecessary pain - because if you also deal with hair prone to knotting and tangling, you know just what I'm talking about!

March 27, 2017

Purlisse Natural Skincare | Review

Purlisse Natural Skincare

My skin has been going through a rough patch and hasn't been behaving its best lately, so I've been reaching for a line that provides intense hydration, gentle exfoliation and light base makeup to help calm it down. I have found all of this in Purlisse, a natural skincare brand inspired by Asian beauty with key ingredients including Blue Lotus and White Tea which has done wonders for my reactive skin. From sheet masks, to eye serums, facial and lip moisturizers and even a BB cream, this brand has it all!

March 20, 2017

How To Remove Facial Hair with Dermaflash | Review + Demo

Dermaflash Facial Exfoliating Device Review Demo

Unwanted facial hair - if you don't have it, count yourself very lucky! Peach fuzz, chin hair, and a moustache are what I've been dealing with for years, but I was always afraid to tackle my insecurity so I just let the hair be (it helps that they become less visible during summer from lightening in the sun and makeup does wonders too). So when the opportunity arose to try the Dermaflash Facial Exfoliating Device*, I saw it as a sign that it was finally time... to shave my face! I thought it would be helpful to document my experience, so I walk you step by step through the shaving process, and it isn't as scary as you would think!

March 12, 2017

Glo Minerals Living Color Collection | Full Bloom

Glo Minerals Living Color Collection Full Bloom

While I love playing with bold and vibrants colours, I also enjoy keeping things simple when it comes to my makeup (best of both worlds, right?). With spring approaching, I've been trying out a few makeup collections, such as this one from Sothys, and today's look features the Glo Minerals Living Color Collection in Full Bloom*. This collection includes an eyeshadow quad, a cream blush, a shadow stick and a gloss that will help you achieve the no-makeup makeup look in a few easy steps.

March 8, 2017

Seeing Periods In A New Light: Lunette Menstrual Cup | Review + Giveaway

Lunette Menstrual Cup

Periods. Now that is a word I never thought I would be mentioning in a blog post, but yes ladies (and gents?), I am going there because today's post is all about periods, or should I say, how to make periods less of a hassle with the Lunette menstrual cup. I had never tried a menstrual cup up until giving this one a go just a few months ago, but it is something I had been considering for over a year now. I kept reading (and hearing) about how menstrual cups were revolutionizing the way us women cope with 'that time of the month', so I was super thankful when Lunette asked me if I would like to share my experience after using their menstrual cup as well as offer one of my readers the chance to win one for themselves, so keep on reading to find out how you can enter!

March 2, 2017

OSEA Plant-Based Seaweed Skincare | Review

Osea Skin Care Review

There are those special brands that I come across that capture my attention not only for their rave reviews or pretty packaging, but also whose inspiring stories have to be told, and OSEA is definitely one of them. I've been familiar with the brand for a couple of years now after reading about their products on social media from fellow bloggers and YouTubers, and it isn't until recently that I had the chance to dive into the world of plant-based seaweed skincare (I couldn't resist the pun)! OSEA's roots go back nearly a century, when founder Jenefer Palmer's grandmother, Elsa Reuschle, suffered a terrible fall and healed her leg by swimming in the Long Island Sound in NY. She strongly believe that the minerals and trace elements present in this seaweed-rich water are what contributed to her speedy recovery as she would head out for a swim in the early morning daily despite the cold winter temperatures. Fast forward a few decades, granddaughter Jenefer Palmer decided to pursue a career in holistic healing, and after establishing her own private practice and developing treatments for spas in California, the idea came to her to create her own seaweed skin care line in 1996, which she named OSEA (pronouned "OH-SEE-YAH"), which stands for the core elements of wellness: Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere. To this day, the company is entirely run by Jenefer, her husband and three children, which is fascinating to say the least!

February 26, 2017

Sothys Désert Chic Makeup Collection | Review + Look

Sothys Désert Chic Makeup Collection

It may not feel like spring around here just yet, but is sure does in makeup land! New collections are popping up left and right, and I'm always curious to see what brands have created for the upcoming season. I'm stoked to have gotten my hands on some of the items from the Sothys Spring Summer 2017 Désert Chic Makeup Collection. Inspired by the hot desert, it features warm colours to mimic that sun-kissed look those of us living in northern climates ooh and aah over, especially during the cold winter months when the sun barely makes an appearance.

February 21, 2017

Going Barefaced With UMA Oils + Ultimate Brightening Kit Giveaway!

UMA Oils Skincare

I am always up for a good challenge, so when UMA Oils asked me if I wanted to participate in their #DareToGoBare campaign, I couldn't say no! As you may be guessing, this challenge involved going barefaced and sharing my skin story on Instagram to encourage women to reveal their natural beauty by sharing a no makeup selfie. Having had imperfect skin for most of my life, I know how hard it can be to go au naturel, but it is something I truly believe should be embraced, especially since we tend to be our own worst critics when it comes to our physical appearance. I wanted to share my UMA routine with you, and let you know that they are hosting a fabulous giveaway you do not want to miss, so keep reading to find out what is up for grabs!

February 19, 2017

Falling (Even More) In Love with 100% Pure | No Dirty Beauty

100% Pure Makeup Skincare

Since gravitating toward more natural beauty brands a couple of years ago, there have been quite a few that have topped my list of must tries, one of them being 100% Pure. In case you have never heard of them, 100% Pure is an organic beauty company based in California that specializes in fruit-pigmented and antioxidant rich cosmetics, including makeup, skincare, hair care and even nail polish. Their products are super clean and safe, meaning many of them even smell like you could eat them (but please don't)! I have previously tried a few of their products, namely their Fruit Pigmented Healthy Skin Foundation Powder (review + demo), their Everywhere Sun Stick SPF 30 (featured) and their Nail Polish in Coachella (worn here), so I was really looking forward to discover even more of their products. Well, the day has come and I have a handful of new-to-me goodies that I'm super excited to share with you (spoiler alert: they don't disappoint)!

February 15, 2017

Everyday Winter Makeup | 12 Products Total

Everyday Winter Makeup

Back at it with another Get Ready With Me! What can I say? I love filming these videos because they are so casual and laid-back. I figured I would share what products I've been loving lately in the form of my Everyday Winter Makeup Routine. I'm using some old favourites as well as some new additions that I've quickly taken a liking to.

February 10, 2017

How to Celebrate Galentine's Day | Ideas For The Single Ladies

How to Celebrate Galentine's Day

Still single and (not) ready to mingle this Valentine's Day? Well don't I have a concoction of fun ideas to make it a day to remember! Whether it's giving yourself a little TLC in the comfort of your own home or organizing a little Galentine's Day get together with your closest friends, here are just a few things that will make it that much better!

February 7, 2017

Amoils Healing Natural Oils | Review

Amoils Healing Natural Oils

If there's one thing I can't go without in my beauty arsenal, it would be natural oils. Like many, I was pretty skeptical about them, especially when used on my skin as I feared they would break me out. I did start out by using coconut oil as a facial moisturizer, but after a while realized it was not the best for my acne-prone skin so I've resorted to using it only as an eye makeup remover and body moisturizer as I did start to break out more on my face after a few months of use. After doing some research, I found that some oils are more comedogenic than others, so I've been sticking to low-comedogenic oils such as sesame and rosehip seed oil on my face, both of which have done wonders for my skin. The latest additions to my natural oil collection are the Amoils Healing Natural Oils Simply Face Oil*, Simply Neck Firming Oil* and Simply Hair Oil*. I've been playing with these for the last few weeks and have quickly taken a liking to them, so I wanted to share their benefits with you.

February 1, 2017

Glo Minerals Fresh and Glowy Valentine's Day Makeup

Glo Minerals Fresh and Glowy Valentine's Day Makeup

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I'm jumping on the bandwagon and sharing a quick and easy glowy makeup look using products from one of my favourite brands, Glo Minerals! I love how my last Holiday Makeup Look turned out using their Bold Pursuit Collection, and I got to pick out some new-to-me products to play with for this look, pairing them with some old faves.

January 27, 2017

Lily Lolo Cheek Duo In Coralista | Review

Lily Lolo Cheek Duo Coralista

Lily Lolo is one of those brands I've had my eye on for a few years now. I first came across their products on Instagram when scrolling through the #veganbeauty feed. Truth be told, that is where I discovered many green beauty brands, both big and small! Upon reading up on the company, I learned that they are based in London but are are now also located in America. They are said to be the "original mineral makeup" brand of Europe, which is neat to say the least! They carry a variety of makeup products, from BB creams to mineral powders, concealers. correctors, blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows, mascara, brushes and more!

January 25, 2017

21 Ways To Use Essential Oils During Winter ft. Thursday Plantation

21 Ways To Use Essential Oils During Winter

Is winter taking a toll on your body and spirit? Have no fear - essential oils are here! When this thoughtful care package arrived from Thursday Plantation*, I knew I would put these oils to good use. After educating myself on the power of mother nature years ago, I've been a fan of essentials oils in my skin care, but it isn't until recently that I've come to appreciate their many other uses.

January 23, 2017

Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Mineral Powder | Review + Giveaway!

Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Mineral Powder Taylor

Having struggled with acne and scarring for over ten years, I know how hard it can be to step out the door barefaced. For years I wouldn't dare go outside without foundation, and that was not a healthy mindset to have. In the past few years, I have been reaching less for full coverage makeup and instead gravitating towards light makeup, and yes, on most days I don't even wear cosmetics and let my skin breathe instead. Celebrity makeup artist Annie Mayo has seen teenagers and young women struggle with these issues first-hand throughout her years working in the beauty industry, working on sets for Nickelodeon, Regis and Cathy Lee, CNN, Super Bowl, Target, Under Armour and the list goes on. She realized there weren't many products on the market that would be safe and not further aggravate their skin issues. This is what prompted her to create Advanced Mineral Makeup in 2009 - a safe, all natural and vegan beauty line void of harmful ingredients such as parabens, silicones, synthetic dyes, talc, perfumes and fillers, without however sacrificing quality or performance. I've had a few faves when it comes to natural face powders along my journey (100% Pure and Honeybee Gardens make great ones), but let me tell you, the Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Mineral Powder* is in a league of its on.

January 19, 2017

Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip Lip Paints | Review + Swatches

Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip

Looking back at some of my older posts, I've noticed how I've gone from being a neutral lip kind of gal to actually preferring statement lips. Don't get me wrong, when it comes to my personal style I am still all about the greys, beiges and black (something I should probably branch out of a bit), but I guess my pop of colour could come in the form of bright or super deep lips instead of a yellow blazer or red pants. Call me basic for my sense of fashion, but my lip shades of choice are anything but! Speaking of vibrant and fun shades, Make Up For Ever has just come out with their Artist Acrylip Lip Paints* as part of their year-long collaboration with British singer Jessie J, and if you are familiar with the brand's lip products, you know they rarely disappoint! I received three out of the ten shades in the range to try out, and I'll be giving you all the details without further ado!

January 15, 2017

Lancôme Grandiôse Liner and Extrême Mascara Volume | Review

Lancôme Grandiôse Liner and Grandiôse Extrême Mascara Volume

Lancôme is one of those brands that has really fascinated me ever since I got into makeup. I think it might be their sleek packaging, and the fact that they seem to come out with products that are kind of unprecedented. Having never actually tried anything from the brand, I was really looking forward to test some of their latest launches, namely two of their Grandiôse Liners* and their new Grandiôse Extrême Mascara Volume* in Bleu Nuit. You might be thinking to yourself, great - another liner and mascara release, what's so special about these anyway? Well, wait until you see how these are designed to simplify your makeup application!

January 12, 2017

How To Clean Makeup Brushes | 2 Super Cheap + Easy Methods

how to clean makeup brushes

I remember the first time I came across a video about makeup brush cleaning and thinking to myself, "wait a minute, why didn't it cross my mind to wash mine sooner?" Yikes! Whether you stick to the minimum and own just a handful of brushes that easily fit in your makeup bag, or have a lot of them taking over your office space like I do, makeup brush cleaning should be a part of your weekly routine. There are many different ways to go about washing your makeup brushes, most of which I've tried and tested over the years, but I'll be sharing and demonstrating what in my opinion are the two most effective ways. Best part? These two methods are super budget-friendly, and will prolong the life of your brushes in the long run as they are super gentle and most importantly, antibacterial.

January 10, 2017

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow Palette in Harmony 1 | Review

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow Palette 1

I was looking back at old pictures the other day and came across my prom photos, which just so happens to be the day that I did my own makeup for the very first time! I was quite clueless about the beauty world at the time, and the plan was for my sister to do my makeup for me, but she ended up getting called in to work that day and so I was left to apply it on my own. The first thing I noticed looking back at those pictures? My sad looking brows! My sister had plucked them for me (and eventually I ended up over plucking them myself... we've all been there, right?) and I did not yet know the magic of filling in my eyebrows - let's just say they were far from looking their best! Brows really do frame your face, and whenever I do my makeup, filling them in is an essential step nowadays. I've tried a handful of brow products over the years, and the latest addition to my makeup application is the Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow Palette*. I'm a fan of the brand's 3-in-1 Pro Sculpting Brow Pen, so I was looking forward to give this new palette a try.

January 7, 2017

Odacité Rose + Neroli Hydra-Vitalizing Treatment Mist and Green Tea Lemongrass Serum Concentrate | Review

If there is one skin care line I can recommend in a heartbeat, it would be Odacité - I was first introduced to their products two years ago, when I shared some of the products I had been enjoying from them. I really admire them as a brand as they are vegan, cruelty-free and use non-GMO ingredients. I attended Odacité's launch in Montreal that same year, where I got to discover their full line at Annie Young Cosmétiques. I recently got my hands on one of their new Treatment Hydra Mists, as well as another of their serum concentrates, both of which I have been using for the last month. My expectations were high, and as always I was not disappointed.

January 2, 2017

EPIC EMPTIES | Fall 2016 Edition


Happy 2017 everyone! I hope everyone's year is off to a great start. I've spent the last few days recharging and relaxing with family, as well as working on new content for my blog and YouTube channel which I am excited to share with you in the coming weeks and months. Decluttering is always on my mind when ringing in a new year, so I thought I would sit down and film my final empties of 2016. I have quite a few makeup products to share this time around as I decided to downsize my collection by getting rid of old products that were just way past their expiration date. I hope you enjoy!
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