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August 27, 2013

21 Tips for Growing Long, Luscious Hair FAST!

I have finally found the recipe to having long and healthy hair, and I am ready to share! Here are my tried and tested tips for growing out your hair. In no time, you will be admiring those long locks you have always dreamed of - the results are definitely worth the extra care!

1. Cut off every inch of damaged hair. The journey to growing long healthy hair must start with getting rid of the hair that cannot be repaired.

2Avoid perming or bleaching your hair. The harsh chemicals will destroy your hair, making it thin and dry.

3Do not wash your hair everyday. Doing this strips your hair of its natural oils that keep it nice and healthy. If your hair tends to get oily, use a dry shampoo instead.

4Massage your scalp when washing your hair. This will increase blood circulation to your head and stimulate hair growth.

5Concentrate shampoo on your roots, and conditioner on your ends. Leave the conditioner in your hair for at least 2 minutes for it to take effect.

6Rinse your hair in cold water. This will make it shiny and will seal the cuticles in, preventing hair loss.

7. Use a clarifier once a week to remove product buildup. This will give your hair that squeaky clean feel. I like using Apple Cider Vinegar - you can read more about it here.

8. Gently ring out any excess water with a towel using a patting motion. Do not rub the towel on your hair - doing this will make it frizzy.

9. Apply a natural oil on your ends after towel-drying your hair. I like using the Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil.

10.  Do a coconut oil hair mask once a week. It is incredibly effective, since your hair will be nourished and will grow much faster. Read more on the benefits of coconut oil here.

11. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair when wet. This will prevent the snapping and breaking of hair caused by the roughness of a brush.

12. Let your hair air dry. On the occasional times you will be using a blow dryer, make sure to apply thermal protectant and to switch the setting to cool when your hair is almost completely dry to set your hair and minimize frizz.

13. Avoid hot styling tools as much as possible. If you will be using them, apply heat tamer spray to protect your hair from damage.

14Do not use heaps of styling products. They weigh your hair down and can create an insane amount of buildup overtime. Limit yourself to 1-2 styling products between every wash.

15. Avoid hairstyles that pull too much on the hair. Invest in no-crease elastic bands (ribbon hair ties) that won't tug and break your hair.

16. Wash your hair right after swimming in chlorine or saltwater. Use a swimming cap if you are an avid swimmer to protect your hair from becoming dry.

17. Maintain a healthy diet. Eating well-balanced meals and snacks will reflect in your hair. Make sure to eat as many plant-based foods as you can. They are high in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. Leafy greens are your hair's best friend (and easy to add into a smoothie).

18. Drink plenty of water. It's simple: a hydrated body equals hydrated hair. Aim for 3-4 L/day.

19. Take a daily multivitamin. It can sometimes be hard to get all those vitamins and minerals, so taking a multivitamin will ensure that you get the daily recommended dose. Look for one that is vegan, preferably.

20. Exercise. Reduced stress through exercise prevents hair loss. Increased circulation, blood flow and sweat through the scalp will help speed up hair growth by releasing all those unwanted toxins.

21. Trim you hair when they split. Split ends cannot be repaired, a reasoning behind which it is best to get rid of them to maintain healthy hair.

And there you have it! Follow these steps and you will be on your way to having Rapunzel hair in no time!


  1. Great tips Natalie! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very good tips! xo Good job on the post!

  3. Great Tips! I already follow a lot of these. I wish I could remember to do a hair mask more often though. I'm growing out my hair after cutting and doing a lot of other things with it 3 years ago. So far I'm not completely happy with it, but it's definitely been a learning process.

    returning the love...


  4. hmmm...coconut oil hair mask, very interesting. I'm going to try this. My hair is very dry and as I get older it is thinning considerably. Thank you for sharing what is working for you.

    Barbara @

  5. Wow, fantastic tips lots of detail and easy to follow. Thanks, great reading.


  6. good tips, wish my hair would grow sadly it doesnt no matter what i do :(

  7. Ah your hair looks so lovely! I recently discovered apple cider vinegar for cleansing my hair too :) there's some really good tips here, I wish I could get away with not using any heat but my hair is so stupidly frizzy :(xx

  8. Good tips i want long hair so badly lol

  9. Great tips! I'm always trying to grow mine so I will definitely be using a few of these now!
    Hannah :) x

    Love, Life, and Makeup Blog/Twitter/Pinterest

  10. I really like this kind of post, thanks ;-)

  11. I'm gonna try some tips! They sound interesting...thanks for sharing them!

  12. great tips thanks for sharing these useful information.

  13. have tried many of them but nothing helped much

  14. Great tips!II can say that i follow the half of them,because i love my hair,and i love long hair,so i wanna keep them long and healthy.Very very useful tips!!!

  15. My hair has been looking so sad lately.. I really need to start taking better care of it. I think I should at least start with not washing it every day.. it's like a horrible addiction!!

  16. thankyou so much for the tips!! :) And I really need to apply nourishing mask/oil to my hair. It used to be so very thick!! :/ And yes multivitamins... God I live such an unhealthy life ....

  17. I come to you from Wake Up Wednesday where I'm a cohost. Our hair textures differ but you offer similar tips to what I share on my blog, with a few differences here and there. Please stop by my blog and say hello while there.

  18. I was surprised how well coconut oil really made my hair look healthier. I recommend it!

  19. Thank you for these awesome tips!!

  20. Thank you for this lovely post!
    Thank you for these fantasic tips!

  21. So great tips!I'll follow them 4 sure!!!!!!

  22. great tips! I'll definitely follow them :)

  23. Thank you for the great tips, I've been letting my hair grow for the last couple of months. I do most of these already, but I've also learned some new stuff, like using the coconut oil hair mask, deifinitely going to try this.

  24. ever since I had kids my hair is thin and falls out!

    thanks for the tips! xoxoxoxo

  25. Excellent tips for hair in general!! I love using coconut oil in my hair and on my scalp!

  26. You can use amla oil, which is found in Indian grocery stores. It naturally darkens hair after a few uses. You can also use natural henna to dye your hair.

  27. Thanks for sharing all these 21 tips for growing long hair.

  28. I haven't tried ACV on my hair, but I have heard that it works wonders. Sounds like a wonderful treatment. I will have to think about trying some of the things on your list.


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