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August 31, 2013

PINK Wild At Heart Body Mist by Victoria's Secret

As of late I have been loving trying out different fragrances and perfumes. During the summer, I especially like wearing body mists since they are light and the scent isn't too overpowering. A recent favorite of mine is by Victoria's Secret and it is called the PINK Wild At Heart Body Mist. I own one of their perfumes as well and it is my absolute favorite, but sadly it is discontinued and I'm almost out of it so I was on the hunt for a different scent by the brand and came across this one and thought it would be perfect in the summertime!

PINK Wild At Heart is described as having a subtle hint of red passion fruit and sheer musk with conditioning aloe. The ingredients also include castor oil and chamomile. It smells really sweet and fresh, not too floral nor too fruity. It is just the right concentration of musk and isn't too strong.

The bottle I have holds 250 mL of product, so I see this lasting me a very long time. As you can see there is still so much left despite me using it daily! I like the scent so much that I lug the big bottle around with me in my purse everywhere I go. I know Victoria's Secret also sells travel size versions of their body mists, in case you are looking for a smaller version that won't take up too much space in your bag. What can I say, when I really like something I just don't mind the extra weight in my purse! :)

This body mist retails for $18 in Canada. I got mine on sale at 2 for $30 (my sister could't resist either so we decided to get one each)!

What is your absolute favorite scent from Victoria's Secret?


  1. I want to try VS products theres not many in england but one is opening near me soon yay! might have to pick some body mists up :)

  2. I love body mist in the summer also! I use so many VS smells but right now my fav is probably sexy little thing
    Stopping by from the blog hop! Hop over to mine here

  3. I love body mist but I have no idea which scent it my fav, I like to try out a new one each time and sometime I can't even remember which ones I have used lol.

    I also love using the cream because it makes you smell like you have perfume or mist on.

    Thanks for following via Bloglovin :) I am following you as well.

  4. PINK body sprays are awesome! I really like the "Noir Tease" perfume... I especially love the cool bottle!

  5. I've always wanted to try Victoria Secret's body mists! They smell so good!

  6. Where did you order it from online in Canada?


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