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October 26, 2015

NEW Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin + My Morning Hustle Tips

For many, makeup is a weakness. I would say skin care is right up there for me as well. As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I am an avid skin care fanatic and I really cannot count how many different lotions and potions I've tried over the years. Of course, nothing beats finding an amazing body product that keeps your skin looking plump and feeling soft, especially when it can save you time in your morning routine when you have to get out the door fast. I've only ever applied moisturizer on dry skin, so when I found out that the new Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin* was meant to keep skin looking its best immediately after showering when your skin is most capable of absorbing moisture, I had to give it a go.

Mornings can be rough, especially when a long commute is involved which means having to get up extra early to avoid traffic in the city. Thankfully there are ways to help you save time when you need it most. Some of the tips that I swear by to get those extra few minutes of sleep in are planning out my work attire and preparing my meals the night before. Since I spend a bit more time on my makeup, I usually keep my hair routine to a minimum. I've also found that showering and moisturizing my body at night versus in the morning, especially when using the right product, saves me a lot of time. My skin has recently been ridiculously dry and flaky since getting back from my recent trip to Greece (I forgot how much a deep holiday tan fades quickly when it's cold back home). I've been having to double on the moisturizer, that is until I started incorporating the Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin into my routine which comes in either a Green Tea Oil or Coconut Oil scent. Instead of having to use lotion after showering at night and applying more again in the morning (I wasn't kidding about my very dry skin at the moment), I just apply this moisturizer on my wet skin after exfoliating my skin with a loofah to lock in the moisture before patting my body dry with a towel for long lasting results. Better yet, I does not leave that greasy feeling that is never enjoyable!

Have you heard of this new release from Jergens? If you are deliberating whether to get it, I say go for it!

*Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Jergens® but the opinions are all my own.

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