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April 4, 2014

Zim's Advanced Organic Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone and Max-Freeze Spray | Review

With the harsh winter we've just experienced here in Canada, my skin has definitely been in need of some extra TLC. My skin has become very dry to the point where I have sadly developed stubborn red patches on the back of my hands. The last snowstorm that hit had us reaching for our shovels yet again, and the heavy snow that came with this *hopefully* last present from mother-nature would be to blame for the muscle pain I've been experiencing in my shoulders and lower back. One good thing came out of this last white-out however: I got to put the Zim's Advanced Organic Crack Creme* and Max-Freeze Spray* to the test. Keep on reading to know how these products fared!

Zim's Advanced Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone is formulated with organic aloe and arnica and was developed to heal skin issues including dry, cracked skin, rashes, inflammation, redness, insect bites, eczema, and psoriasis. The added hydrocortisone speeds up the healing process and instantly soothes minor cuts or scrapes. The first time I used this, I applied it to my hands at night, and the following morning when I woke up the redness was completely gone! I was so impressed that I asked my mom to put it to the test since she has been dealing with a skin rash for the last couple of months and she hadn't been able to determine what caused it despite seeing numerous doctors, and she also immediately noticed how soothing this cream was and it significantly diminished the extent of her rash. The only con however with this product is its scent; it is super strong and medicinal, to the point where it fills the room, and it takes a while for it to dissipate. However, if you can handle a strong-scented cream for the sake of having beautiful skin, this one is definitely a must-try!

I had previously tried a muscle pain relief gel from Voltaren, so I was curious to see how Zim's Max-Freeze Spray would compare. This continuous spray formula for muscle and joint pain relief contains organic ilex, aloe, and arnica, as well as vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil. The first thing I noticed when I sprayed this on is the intense cooling sensation it provides thanks to its analgesic formula since it contains natural menthol. It actually took my breath away, in a good way of course! The spray is non-greasy, and although it also has a strong scent, it vanishes with 5 minutes. My skin remained cooled for over 2 hours, and I couldn't believe that my back pain had gone away within a few minutes. The other day I also woke up with a kink in my neck from sleeping in an awkward position (don't you just hate when that happens?) and a quick spray made the pain quickly disappear. I was quite skeptical about this product actually living up to its claims, but after trying it I am so very impressed and think it is a great product to have for those times when we are feeling stiff and achy!

Zim's can be purchased on and in Canada and at national supermarkets and drugstores across the U.S. including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, K Mart, Rite Aid, Publix, and also online at For more information on Zim's products, check out their website at

Have you ever tried Zim's before? I love that they make natural-based products, and they are the perfect products to have on hand for quick pain relief!

*Disclaimer: These products were kindly sent to me and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


  1. I had never heard of this brand until now, I think I am going to have to look into that Max-Freeze spray.

  2. Never heard of this brand before, the name crack creme cracks me up, haha ha ha, lolz jkjk

  3. this sounds really impressive, how great that it worked so well for you! I wonder if they're available in the UK? :) x

    1. Hmm I'm not too sure about in-store availability, there's always the option of finding it online such as on :) x

  4. Well I don't get cracked skin but sometimes on vacation in the summer months when I am in hot climates like the Caribbean I get heat rash from being in the sun, do you think this would help?

    Have a great weekend hun :)


    1. Aloe Vera is especially good for treating sun burns, so I would think it could be quite helpful. It's made of all natural ingredients so I think having a reaction is very unlikely unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients.

      Wishing you a lovely weekend too! :)

  5. That spray sounds amazing!! I've never heard of this brand before but I'll have to check it out :)


  6. I get really random spouts of muscle pain, so I definitely want to try this Zim USA product! Thank you AGAIN for another fabulous recommendation! Happy Friday! :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  7. I wonder if this winter will ever end!!! I guess will go directly to summer with no spring. I rarely have skin rashes but for those prone to them this is impressive and seems to be a must have. Great review and glad it helped your mom. :)

  8. I've never heard of this before, sounds great!

  9. both look like a great product even though I never seen before
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    Please, let me know! ;)
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  10. This sounds like an amazing product. I've never heard of either of them but I'd love to try each.
    Thanks for sharing.


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