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April 10, 2014

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation

Does it happen to any of you to buy a product and not start using it until months, or even years later? I'm certainly guilty of this happening with The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation which I bought what must be over a year and a half ago! I believe at the time I bought another foundation which I ended up really liking, and time and time again I would find some other foundation that would prioritize in my stash of 'makeup to be used next'. I don't like having too many cream products in pans open at the same time since they tend to dry up and go bad more quickly than other beauty items. I was recently going through my collection and found this compact hiding in the back of my drawer, and thought it was finally time I rip the seal open and put it to the test!

I got mine in 102 Natural Ivory which is the lightest shade of the bunch, and I'm happy to say it is a perfect match for my current skin colour. This cream-to-powder mineral foundation is formulated with cold-pressed extra virgin olive-oil which I thought was really interesting. This products comes with a mirror as well as a brush applicator that is revealed when flipping the pan open. Upon application, I immediately noticed how dewy it left my skin, to the point where it almost looked a little bit too shiny. After setting it with powder however, I found that it wears very well throughout the day and the shine does not peak through. This foundation is said to be medium to full coverage, and I definitely had to add a second layer to make it cover my imperfections. One thing I disliked about it though is that it really emphasizes any dry spots that I have despite moisturizing right before application. I have yet to find a cream foundation that doesn't cause this issue for me, and I was really hoping this one would be the exception. Although it isn't the worst foundation I've tried, I though it would perform better since I know that many of The Body Shop's face products are well loved. Sadly I'm still on the lookout for a good cream foundation, so as soon as I use this one up I will be on the hunt once more.

Wearing The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Cream Compact Foundation and a bit of mascara for a natural makeup look :)
The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Mineral Cream Compact Foundation retails for $25 in Canada, although it is currently on sale for $10 if you are interested in trying it. For the $25 I paid, I am quite disappointed it didn't work out as well as I had hoped, but hey, at $10 I think it's still worth trying since it may just work for your skin!

I know you lovely readers always have great product recommendations, so please leave me a comment with your favourite cream-to-powder foundation - I'd love to know, it might just end up being my next compact foundation purchase! :)


  1. wow that's amazing it matches your skin so well but too bad about the dry patch issue :( I have never used a cream compact for foundation before, so no recommendations from me, but I have a clarins and MUFE blush that are cream to powder and awesome haha, if either brand makes a foundation i'm sure it would be great too! :)

  2. I've never really been a fan of compact foundations, although I have to say that the finish looks really lovely on you :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. Hmm this definitely won't work for me because I have some persistent dry patches around the mouth and chin

  4. Whoah, you know you have too much makeup when it's sitting unopened for more than a year! Heck, I didn't even know about this foundation! It's one that isn't mentioned as often, I guess. I haven't tried any cream to powder foundations, so I can't recommend any, but I'm actually surprised about the visible dry patches part. I've always thought cream products work wonders on drier skin...because creamy?

  5. This looks like a great shade match! It's too bad the formula didn't work out for you though :(


  6. The few cream compact foundations I've tried have been meh for me so I gave up. These days I use a little powder mineral foundation on problem areas over a CC cream and it works well for me so you could consider a combo instead of one maybe? :)

  7. You have such pretty eyes :) I've tried quite a few pieces of body shop makeup so far but never one of their foundations, I don't know why? Such a shame that this didn't wow you :( xx

  8. Looks pretty and natural. perfect for the girl on the go!

  9. You're not going to like this as it's almost $100, but the Eve Pearl cream foundation is amazing.

  10. I haven't found a good cream to powder foundation either. Covergirl has a nice cream foundation, but it does need to be set with a powder as it stays a cream on the skin.


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