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November 3, 2013

Dove Go Fresh Body Mist in Rebalance

I used to not be much of a fragrance person and could not be bothered with taking the extra time to spray some perfume or body spray on before heading out the door. Well let me tell you, now I cannot go anywhere without coating my body with some sort of scented spray. Maybe it has something to do with confidence - it's like I can conquer the world knowing that I smell good! :)

Insert the Dove Go Fresh Body Mist in Rebalance...this stuff smells amazing! I had tried the Revive one previously - it is the one in the pink packaging and smells of pomegranate and lemon verbena - which also smells divine. Rebalance on the other hand is a mix of plum and sakura blossom scents, and it contains a hint of moisturizer. Well, not only does it smell heavenly, but it lasts ALL day long! You've read right, at the end of the day the scent still lingers on my skin - now that is some intense staying power! I would have to say though that it really is a toss up between Rebalance and Revive for me since they both smell so darn good!

Dove has a range of these mists, and as soon as I am done with Rebalance, I plan on getting Cool Essentials, which smells of cucumber and green tea. I think that one will bring out the zen in me haha! :)

Have you tried Dove's body mist range? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Dove Go Fresh Revive is one of my favourite things!!!! I mostly only use their antiperspirants, but I may have to try their body spray now too.

  2. We love all of these! They smell amazing and their not a bad price either!!!!

  3. hmhmhm I think this is really interesting! I should smell them as soon as comes to Greece!! Nice review doll!

    Review of Dermopur by Castalia!!New Love!!

  4. Wow! First time I've heard of a mist that lasts all day. Wish we had that here!

  5. i used to not bother with spraying myself too! but now i do!

  6. Never heard of this Body Mist... Would like to try it!)

  7. Whoa, usually body mists only last a couple hours but this one lasts all day? Awesome!


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