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October 14, 2013

Real Techniques Haul | Round 3 - The Expert Face and Setting Brushes

I have done it yet again. I got more makeup brushes (like I need any more right?). The thing is, I just can't resist! Ever since I got my first set of Real Techniques Brushes, I just knew I would eventually end up getting the whole line. Lo and behold, slowly but surely my brush collection is expanding. The most recent additions to my Real Techniques collection are the Expert Face Brush and the Setting Brush. Not surprisingly, I have already grown fond of them as they have quickly been incorporated into my daily makeup routine.

The Expert Face Brush is really great to use with liquid or powder foundation, and I also like to use it to contour my face. Because the bristles are so densely packed, it really buffs and blends the product in perfectly. The Setting Brush on the other hand is great to use with a powder to set your base makeup  and is especially practical for the under eye area. I also like this brush to highlight right above my cheekbones, under my brow bones, as well as on my cupid's bow. What I love so much about these brushes is that despite being named for a specific use, there are so many other ways to make good use out of them. I also have to mention how incredibly soft these brushes are - they are really high quality and do not shed one bit!

I get my Real Techniques brushes from It is an official international distributor of the UK-based brush line created by celebrity makeup artist Samantha Chapman. With coupon code FFM227 applied at checkout, you can get $10 off your entire order if you spend over $40 on the website, or $5 off if you spend less than $40. The prices are in $US dollars, so you will not be paying more for the products like on other websites that sell them. International shipping through Global Priority Mail by DHL is also a flat rate at $4, which is really reasonable in my opinion. This website also sells EcoTools, another line of brushes that I have been loving and that is really affordable and amazing quality, just like the Real Techniques brushes. I just recently discovered that the website also sells E.L.F. Cosmetics as well as Physician's Formula... I already have a wishlist ready to be fulfilled!

To catch up on my first and second hauls from Real Techniques, you can click here and here!

Have you tried any of the Real Techniques brushes? If you haven't already, may I ask what you are waiting for? :)


  1. I love the expert face brush! It's great for getting a flawless look! I would also recommend the powder brush, I love it!


  2. A girl can never have too many brushes! I have the setting brush and I love it. I use it to dust Ben Nye's Banana Powder under my eyes to set my concealer and it works perfect :) MakeMeUpMandy

  3. I just got the expert face brush and have been loving it for foundation and cream blush!! The setting brush is something that I need and will be looking into it!! Same here, I want to own all of the brushes because they are just so wonderful!!

  4. Beautiful brushes, worth every penny. I'm so glad I got the Starter set and I'm already planning for the next ones to get :o). Xx


  5. Unfortunately I never tried Real Technique Brushes ,but I always read a lot of good reviews and I am curios to try the Expert Face one soon !
    The website you linked has a lot of interesting things I would like to buy , that's a pity is US based ( I could pay extra duties >.< )
    Best wishes from Italy

  6. LOVE these brushes!


  7. They are some of my favorite brushes !

  8. I've had my eyes on both of these brushes for quite a while! I need to just buy them already! :)

  9. awesome brushes :)

  10. Oooooh! I have really been wanting this and I might just splurge now that you've linked us to that website with the great deals. Thanks so much for this post!

  11. Beautiful brushes!
    I have Real Techniques Blush Brush and I love it!

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    thanks, holly fern xx

  13. well, they are in my wishlist , would love to try them


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