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March 14, 2016

A Taste of Morocco with Bella Aura Natural Skincare | Review

As I am sitting here typing away, I have this light, invigorating scent tickling my nose. You would think such an aroma is emanating from my oil perfume or even my deodorant, but no, it is actually from what I've just applied to my face. Who knew? This is just one of the many reasons I have been loving Bella Aura Skincare*, an all natural, organic skincare brand that just happens to be Canadian-made too. Founded by Yasmine Jones, the idea to venture into the world of natural skincare making came to her following a difficult emotional time in her personal life. This built-up stress resulted in her developing severe acne which left her scarred, literally. It was during a trip to Morocco that this epiphany came to her: she became determined to heal her skin through natural means, while still incorporating proven active ingredients. Working with a chemist and scientist and inspired by a Moroccan herbalist she met during her North African visit, she created a full skincare regimen, suitable for the most sensitive skin (fun fact: I have already been to Morocco, although only for a few hours during a layover coming back from Spain, so I did not get to step out of the airport sadly). Back to regular programming: I have been using Bella Aura's Gentle Purifying Cleanser, Antioxidant Booster Emulsion, Instant Lifting Eye Contour, Daily Moisture Repair Emulsion and Night Cellular Renewal Emulsion for the last few weeks and wanted to report back on my results, so here we go!

Bella Aura sources high-quality ingredients in their purest form, free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Having tried many natural beauty products, I was impressed to find such unique and lesser known beauty oils such as the Barbary Fig oil and Nigella oil - now those are not words you see (or hear) very often! Other intriguing ingredients include neroli, argan, black oats, rutin and barley extract, just to name a few. For a full list of ingredients you will find in each product and their properties, you can read more here.

My routine goes as so: each morning and night, I start by using the Gentle Purifying Cleanser (C$42.00, 100 mL). If I am wearing makeup, I will double cleanse my face with it to make sure I get everything off. The first time I used this product, I was blown away by its natural fragrance and how easy it was to remove any residue without stripping my skin. Containing argan oil, cactus extract, bitter orange peel oil, and nigella seed oil, this cleanser is an experience to be had for its simplicity and effectiveness.

I follow up with the Antioxidant Booster Emulsion (C$148.00, 30 mL) a detox serum that will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth. This product is specifically meant to eliminate toxins that have accumulated from regular exposure to external elements all while fighting the signs of aging. It is made with the unique Kamilah blend, balm mint leaf extract, barley extract and beeswax - just a few of the product's stand-out ingredients. The formula is so light, your skin will absorb it within seconds.

Next, I dab a pump of the Instant Lifting Eye Contour (C$128.00, 30 mL) around my eyes, including my lids. This area of the skin is extremely sensitive which is why it is best to use a natural moisturizing product. I usually use coconut oil to remove my eye makeup and condition my lashes, so this has definitely been a treat to apply. All natural eye creams I have previously tried have been on the thicker side, many of them leaving an oily residue and taking a few hours to sink in, but not this one. A gem of a product!

The final step in my morning routine includes applying the Daily Moisture Repair Emulsion ($128.00, 30 mL), and again it is very fluid. The Daily Repair Emulsion is said to be more hydrating than simply using hyaluronic acid and glycerin, while also being rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to keep skin hydrated and plump through collagen building, aka what keeps skin looking firm. Jojoba, daisy flower extract and olive leaf extract are just some of the ingredients you will find in this daily moisturizer.

The Night Cellular Renewal Emulsion (C$148.00, 30 mL) has a liquid consistency as well, which is what makes this lotion and overall skincare collection so interesting to me. Gone are the days when you have to go to bed with a thick layer of night cream on that takes forever to sink in. Created with your sleep in mind, this product will stimulate cellular renewal when your skin is most prone to healing. Ingredients such as argan oil, cactus oil, nigella seed oil and cistus flower extract will leave your skin feeling moisturized without weighing it down.

Center: Bella Aura Gentle Purifying Cleanser | Clockwise: Antioxidant Booster, Instant Lifting Eye Contour,
Daily Moisture Repair Emulsion and Night Cellular Renewal Emulsion
The Bella Aura line has been so pleasant to use - not only are the products absolutely refreshing with their very unique scents, but I have not dealt with any dryness, which I tend to get on my cheeks due to acne scars, since switching up my routine. Their products are definitely on the pricier side, however I am personally willing to invest in products I know will benefit my skin. If you are not a fan of heavy creams and lotions, look no further!

Bella Aura Skincare is available for purchase online.

Do you spend more money on skincare compared to makeup?

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*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Products were provided and reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


  1. I am always on the look out for effective natural skin care products. This looks like a line of products I might enjoy using. It's such a pleasure to read and share your helpful and informative review of Bella Aura Skin Care products. Thank you for partying with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm pinning and sharing this!

  2. Ooo they sound amazing! thanks for sharing:)


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