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February 17, 2016

#Take12 and Win with Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company! | Review

If there is one activity that is seriously lacking in my weekly, or even monthly routine, it would be bath time. While it was all fun and games in my childhood years, I became accustomed to the convenience of showering and haven't given much thought to the actual benefits of bathing on a regular basis. It isn't until I was recently challenged to #Take12 minutes per week to bathe with Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company that I realized I was inadvertently missing out! Both uplifting and invigorating, the selection of bath products I've been experimenting with from Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company has forever changed the way I see the time I spend soaking in the tub.

Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company is both an online and brick and mortar boutique located in Nova Scotia, Canada that specializes in soap and bath products. They have various natural scent collections, all made with plant ingredients. I received three products for my first full-on bath time experience: a Bath Fizzer in Rose*, a Sea Salt Mineral Bath Soak in Mountain Mist* and a handcrafted Veranda Artisanal Soap*.

I planned a pamper evening for myself the day these showed up: of course I couldn't omit a good face mask, my go-to hair mask on top of these Pearl and Daisy goodies! I started by popping the Bath Fizzer in Rose into the running water and watched it fizz away (it is basically a bath bomb that gradually disintegrates once it comes in contact with water). Infused with coconut, sunflower oil and rose aroma, this product transforms my bath tub into an oasis for both body and mind.

Better yet, I threw in a handful of the Bath Soak in Mountain Mist into the water for some added aromatherapy. These dead sea mineral salts are chock-full of invigorating scents from essential oils of balsam fir, clary sage, bay leaf and thyme leaf oil. I am not normally a big evergreen scent lover but this one is very mild and comforting as opposed to overwhelming. As the mineral salts melt, an oily film will form and your skin will be soaking it all in. A great way to deep cleanse and detoxify your body and give it that extra moisture it has been craving.

Of course, no bath or shower is complete without a good soap! I have said it before and will say it again: soap bars are simply the best in my opinion since they double as an excellent shaving cream, especially when they are all natural. The Veranda Artisanal Soap In Lemon Verbena & Thyme is an olive and coconut oil-based soap with added thyme essential oil and lemon verbena leaf. It has a beautiful citrus aroma that both smells and leaves your skin looking fresh and well-cared for.

It is seriously amazing how much a bath can improve your mood and relax tense muscles. You can just imagine how glowing and nourished my skin felt after combining all three Pearl & Daisy products at once.

Here's where things get extra nice: Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company are currently running a contest in which you could win a $300 prize package in the form of a 12 month subscription to their Little Box of Happy, filled with a variety of their bath and body products! To participate, promise yourself to #Take12 this week and head here to enter.

When was the last time you had a bath?

*Disclaimer: Products were provided and reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


  1. I've only recently tried Pearl & Daisy but I LOVE them! I think they're going to become a regular in my bath routine :)

  2. I take bath twice a day. I'm obsessed with hygiene.. So I cant sleep without taking bath..

  3. Wow, everything looks super pampering! My last bath was a few days ago, I used Lush's Unicorn Horn :)

  4. These products sound wonderful! I need to take more baths too. With a kid I find all my free time is taken doing grown-up things like house chores and stuff. Oh, and blogging of course! ;-)


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