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January 11, 2016

Learning to Love My Imperfect Skin Ft. Clean & Clear

Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser Persa-Gel 5 Acne Treatment Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Face Moisturizer

Growing up, I was extremely shy and uncomfortable in my own skin. Puberty hit, and acne became just another hindrance in me to find the courage to break out of my shell. I still keep a picture of when my skin was at its worst and relive the pain and sadness I felt just looking at it. Fast forward to the end of high school - I started dabbling in makeup and my life was forever changed. In a way, I have my acne to thank for this significant moment in time as this blog and passion of mine would not have developed otherwise. This however also meant that for the years following, I could not step out of the house without layering foundation on to hide my scarred face. Although my skin is still far from perfect these days, I've learned to accept it and I now go out with a bare face more often than not, letting everyone see the real me. I learned how important it is to embrace my own flaws, which was certainly not easy but came with time and practicing self-love. One brand that has helped treat my acne over the years is Clean & Clear which I still use to this day. My current morning routine includes their Continuous Control Acne Cleanser*, Persa-Gel 5 Acne Treatment* and Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Face Moisturizer*.

Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser

Once I roll out of bed and splash my face with water, the first thing I reach for is the Continuous Control Acne Cleanser. This creamy cleanser contains 5% benzoyl peroxide to help combat breakouts without drying out my skin, which is a problem we acne sufferers often deal with. What I really like about this product is that I can feel how refreshed my skin looks after rinsing it off. It is very gentle despite me having sensitive skin, with the light menthol providing a nice tingle and pleasant scent. With continuous use, my acne has significantly lessened.

Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 5 Acne Treatment

To treat active breakouts, I will apply a tiny amount of the Persa-Gel 5 Acne Treatment on my problem areas. This leave-on medication also contains 5% benzoyl peroxide and will further penetrate into the pores to kill bacteria. I apply this treatment in the morning and within a few hours, my flare-ups are significantly reduced and on their way to healing. I use it a maximum of three times a day to avoid drying out my skin. This also works great to prevent new acne from surfacing and from inevitably leaving a scar behind.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Face Moisturizer

The last step in my morning routine is to hydrate my parched skin using the Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Face Moisturizer. This gel provides a cooling sensation, which I find especially satisfying when wanting to start my day off on the right foot. This oil-free formula contains cucumber and green mango extracts and smells really fresh. It is very lightweight and will absorb in a couple of minutes so I can quickly move on to applying my makeup.

Whether you deal with acne regularly or once in a while, these products are very efficient at providing relief to inflamed skin, whether normal, oily or combination.

I would love to hear how you cope with acne. Have you learned to embrace it?


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  1. Clean and Clear sure is a super line for those with acne prone skin. :)


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