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December 2, 2015

ZAYA Body Oil Blend With Grapefruit and Rosemary | Review

If a product is eco-friendly and made with essential oils, I am all over it! I was recently introduced to ZAYA, a Canadian skin care brand that produces natural oil blends that are skin part specific, targeting areas such as the face, eyes, hair, nails, belly and the one I have to share with you today, the Body Oil Blend*. Most of the oils used are organic and you can rest assured that their blends are free of mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and are cruelty free and vegan. Their products are also categorized by 'lifestyles' or moods, including serene, charismatic, alluring, flirty, majestic and playful, under which the Body Oil Blend falls.

I am not a big grapefruit fan so I was really intrigued to find out how I would get along with this mixture. The ingredient list includes sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, macadamia nut seed oil, wheat germ oil, avocado oil, castor seed oil, pink grapefruit essential oil and rosemary essential oil, that's it! Let's just say the scent exceeded my expectations: this blends smells like oranges, very sweet and citrus-y in my opinion. I've been using it on my damp skin after showering, even applying it on my face. I then slip on my robe until my skin has soaked it all in. As you can probably imagine, my skin not only smells delicious but is left looking extra glowing and moisturized between washes. With regular use, you can expect firmer skin and even a reduction in stretch marks, which I have noticed after using it for only one month.

ZAYA's oil blends are suitable for all skin types and come packaged in a beautiful cardboard box made entirely from recycled paper and printed with soy ink. It is reusable as the pull-out design makes it great to store little trinkets - I've added it to my jewellery drawer where it now holds my bracelets. Not only is this a great treat for yourself, but it would make a lovely gift, too!

ZAYA's Body Oil Blend can be purchased directly on their website and retails for C$46.00.

*Disclaimer: Product was provided and reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.



  1. Never heard of this care brand.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. I adore rosemary and pink grapefruit essential oil. I bet they smell fantastic mixed!

  3. I love a good body oil, especially in the winter. Sometimes I have to layer body butter and oil for extra suppleness. This one looks good and it's natural so even better!

  4. It sounds like a great product. And I do like grapefruit so it might be a good product for me to try.


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