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August 15, 2015

Irresistible Me 24 Inch Royal Remy Hair Extensions in Royal Ash Blonde | First Impression + Review

When I was younger, I had very long, bright blonde hair. As I grew older, my mane went through numerous colour fazes and has now remained a much darker blonde shade. Looking back, the most dramatic thing I've ever done to my hair would be when I chopped most of it off and donated it to a local charity. I remember that day far too well, seeing the apprehension in the eyes of my hairdresser and the other client sitting next to me as the strands were falling to the floor. And there I was... happy and smiling! At this point in time, I am growing my hair out after a much needed chop (photo evidence here), so I thought it would be fun to see how it felt to have my hair super long again, just like in my younger years! I decided to try the Irresistible Me 24 Inch Royal Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions in Ash Blonde (#10)* since they seemed to be the closest to my natural hair shade. I've never tried extensions before, so I was really intrigued to see the results!

The Irresistible Me Hair Extensions came nicely packaged with each set of strands wrapped in a net to keep them smooth and tangle-free. What is great is that you actually get a 'test strand' on one end of the package, so before opening the full set you can see if you are happy with the shade and length. If not, you can always get a free exchange or return them. As I suspected, the colour is a bit lighter than my natural hair, but I think it still gives a nice highlighted effect when strategically clipped in. In these pictures, I lightly straightened my natural hair and added the extensions in without styling them. It does look kind of choppy but when I pin my hair back with a clip or tie my hair up you cannot tell that I have extensions in. Curling them I noticed makes them blend more seamlessly for me too.

Here's what you get:
  • one 4-clip hair extension
  • one 3-clip hair extension
  • four 2-clip hair extensions
  • two 1-clip hair extensions 

How I use them:

I place the 4-clip extension at the base of my hair after making a part about one inch above the hairline since this one is the thickest and widest hair in the set. Then, I make another part about one inch above the first one and clip in the 3-clip extension. I place two 2-clip extensions on either side of my head where I feel I could use more volume. Finally, I clip both 1-clip extensions at the front, about one inch away from each temple.

I went with the Royal Remy set since it provides even length and volume. The thickness is the same from top to bottom, therefore it sounded like a great option to add a lot more bounce to my hair. Verdict? These 100% human hair extensions are quite amazing. They are unbelievably soft and clipping them in doesn't require much effort at all. You can curl them, straighten them and the style will hold even when blended with your own hair. I can almost go as far a say that they feel more smooth than my own hair... crazy right? When putting in the full set, I can definitely feel the added weight, but I get used to it pretty quickly and forget that I even have them on.

I decided to get the longest hair available because I wanted to see what it was like to have my hair super long again, and although it's fun to have down-to-your-butt hair once in a while, I think the maintenance is just too much for me on a daily basis if I actually were to grow my hair to that length. So hair extensions are a great option for those times when I want to play up my mane without the commitment.

The Irresistible Me 24 Inch Royal Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions in Ash Blonde (#10) can be purchased on the Irresistible Me website. Downside? A steep retail price of $319... quite the investment!

What do you think of hair extensions? Have you tried any before?

*Disclaimer: Product was provided and reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. I've never tried hair extensions, but I've always been curious about them. These look great, but they're too expensive.


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