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February 9, 2015

A Day at Spa Eastman | Health and Wellness Retreat

There comes a time when we all just need to get away, clear our thoughts, and enjoy a bit of serenity. And when a beach vacation isn't an option (hello university, work commitment and poor student status), your next best bet to decompress and get away from fast-paced living is of course treating yourself to a day at the spa a short drive away. Now, I was what you may call a "spa initiate," as I've never had the luxury to treat myself to one before (let's face it - spas can be quite $$$), but I was lucky enough to receive a gift certificate at the inauguration of Boutique Spa Eastman Montreal (more on that event here), which helped bring the price down quite a bit. Of course I had to invite my sister to come along, and to my great pleasure, there wasn't a hint of hesitation on her part. We called to book a massage treatment at the Eastman location the day before, and were told we had access to the site from 9 to 6, so we decided to make a R&R day out of it!

Spa Eastman is about an hour and a half drive from Montreal, located in the town of Eastman in the Eastern Townships. Upon arrival, we were invited to join in their morning activity - Nordic Walking on the trails outdoors. Think of it as cross country skiing, with the poles but without the skis. We had a kinesiologist show us how to use the equipment and demonstrate the proper walking technique and after a small warm up, our group hit the trails. Let me tell you that I did not look graceful whatsoever, and it took me a good little while before getting the hang of it. Thankfully our trainer was super helpful and pointed out if we were doing something wrong. We hiked in intervals for an hour, speeding up and then slowing back down to a regular pace, going up and down hills in the wilderness surrounding the resort. We were told that one hour of Nordic Walking is the equivalent of two hours of regular walking in terms of energy expenditure - it was quite intense, yet the feeling of exhilaration once we got back made it all worth it. We had a quick cool down, and then in we went and had a tour of the spa!

We both had an hour-long Swedish massage booked at noon, and I came out of it feeling like a new person. The therapist started with my back, then moved on to my neck, followed by my feet, legs, hands, arms, and shoulders. I discovered I had muscles I did not even know existed! It was quite bizarre feeling them move and waiting for them to snap back into place after a few seconds of massaging. My therapist was super professional and did not make me feel uncomfortable whatsoever. She let me know that I might be a little sore for the next 24-48 hours, but thankfully the next morning I woke up without any pain.

Following the massage, we headed to the restaurant for a buffet-style lunch. Spa Eastman pride themselves on offering a tonic diet cuisine, using almost exclusively plant-based foods that are local and organic. They had many vegan options which I was really happy to see as I had ample choice. I started with a vegetable soup with a slice of bread, and followed with a loaded plate of red skinned baked potatoes, kale and quinoa salad, eggplant, and some raw vegetables. For dessert, I went for the peach coulis with granola sprinkled on top. Everything was exquisite and so full of flavour - heavenly!

We then made our way downstairs to Eastman-Les-Bains and put our swimsuits on for some thermotherapy, having access to the indoor pool, gympolar bath, Hammam steam bath, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, Kneipp circuit & bath, igloo shower (with a refreshing anti-inflammatory peppermint mist), two outdoor hot tubs and a natural pond. As recommended by staff, we followed what is known as a thermotherapy cycle - starting with hot then cold exposure while remembering to shower in between, and then hydrating ourselves with lemon water which was provided, resting for a few minutes, and then repeating the cycle once more. This activity can have a toll on your body with the drastic change in temperature, so we made sure to closely follow the guidelines to avoid feeling faint or dehydrated, and repeated the entire cycle for a second round. My body seriously never felt so soft and plump, it was incredible!

We started the circuit indoors, and did the hot therapy in segments of fifteen minutes as your body heats up relatively fast. I really enjoyed the Finnish sauna as the infrared one was much more intense, as was the Hammam. The Kneipp circuit, on the other hand, was super refreshing, to say the least. The polar igloo had to be my favourite - a peppermint infused cold shower that felt amazing after being in the heat for so long.

Finnish sauna - hot
Kneipp circuit - cold
We then made our way outside, and were blown away by what was awaiting us - not to mention being in a bikini and flip flops in freezing weather is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime!

The steam coming out of the hot tubs was a sight within itself. A fire was also burning nearby to provide us with some extra warmth.

My first spa experience was nothing short of amazing, and I think it will be hard to beat if I ever go to another. If you are looking for a little getaway to recharge, Spa Eastman certainly does not disappoint. I know for sure I will be going back!

Spa Eastman
895, chemin des Diligences
Eastman (Quebec)
J0E 1P0

1 800 665-5272

Have you been to a spa before?


  1. The food looks so healthy! I went to a Scandinavian Spa in Blue Mountains North of Toronto and it was gorgeous. It had a eucalyptus sauna and the hot baths outdoors surrounded by the woods. You are right sometimes you just need to relax. This place looks awesome maybe I will check it out next time I'm in town.

    1. Everything about this place was wonderful. That Scandinavian Spa sounds dreamy! You should definitely treat yourself if ever you're in the area :)

  2. DAMN, this looks and sounds so luxurious!! Check out the site just now to look at the packages--all the facilities and activities sound so nice! THAT SALAD LOOKS AMAZING AND EVERYTHING LOOKS AMAZING WHAT EVEN.


    1. It was so luxurious, definitely a "spoil yourself" kind of experience. The food was incredible. I actually have been looking at websites that sell walking sticks... oh boy haha

  3. That does sound like an amazing day and I am so glad you were able to go and enjoy it. I have never been to a spa. The closest is about an hour away. We do have masseuse about 20 minutes away and I keep saying I am going to get a message but I never do. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a treat, I have never been to a spa, but have spent time in a traditional Finish sauna. I love the hot tub in the middle of the snow beautiful, followed you here from Wake up Wednesdays.

  5. Wow, this looks sooo good, I'm jealous! :) Love the hot tub outside, would love to try that.

  6. wow! this look incredible. And the hot tub steaming in the snow! <3 <3 looks like an ethereal experience.

  7. Thermotherapy sounds like a really interesting experience! It just sounds like a wonderful day in general to me!

  8. I just found out about this and regret not knowing sooner! Sounds amazing keep up the good work! Visit Website


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