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December 12, 2014

Guest Post: Could Your Skincare Use a Makeover?

Audrey is a skincare nut turned blogger who’s leaving skincare in every stocking this season. She specializes in personalized skincare during the day (and bad reality TV at night.) See her bust the 5 most popular skincare myths on her blog, Vain Pursuits!

Any beauty junkie will admit the best part of beauty is experimentation. Lipsticks, shadows, liners and blushes come in every shade under the rainbow, and there’s nothing more fun than trying each one on for size. Sure, you have your go-to products for a ‘no-makeup makeup’ or ‘big night out’ look, but that doesn’t mean you won’t throw in a new product every so often to see how it works. Everyone knows that beauty is an ever-evolving process. As a skincare lover, I wish more people felt that way about their skin products too.

Have you been using the same products for ages, even though your skin has changed over time? Foundation is fab, but don’t you wish you could just walk out the door without it for once? Upgrading your skincare means refusing to settle with “just okay.” Here are some ways to figure out if you could use some tender loving (skin) care:  
Symptom #1: Your routine was wonderful, but now you’re bored (and your skin shows it.)
Makeover Cure: First of all, it’s normal for products to stop showing the amazing before & after results that appeared at the start. That doesn’t mean they’re not working! But if your skin is feeling a little duller than before, consider adding a new step to your daily routine. By adding one product at a time instead of planning an overhaul, you’re less likely to freak your skin out with a bad reaction. Toners, serums, and bi-weekly masks are great ways to perk up your skin without dealing with the growing pains of a whole new system.

Symptom #2: Your moisturizer is a one-trick pony.  
Makeover Cure: The main point of moisturizer is to restore hydration after cleansing your skin. Zzz….how boring. Keeping skin hydrated is important, but too many people undersell the awesome things their face creams can do. Moisturizer is applied to clean, bare skin, and gets to sink in all day & night. That makes it the hands-down best method for absorbing the stuff that will plump, smooth, and transform your complexion. There are hundreds of skincare ingredients out there that target everything from blemishes to wrinkles, and it can be hard to narrow down exactly which your skin needs. Consider taking the guesswork out of your moisturizer hunt with a custom skincare formula that does the research for you.

Symptom #3: You’ve undergone a big change (a big move, pregnancy, stressful new job), but your skincare has not.
Makeover Cure: Remember that thing I said about it being okay for products to plateau? Yeah, that logic doesn’t really apply in this instance. If you’ve undergone a huge lifestyle change and your skin is behaving badly, it might not just be a temporary transition. Your skin needs different things depending on your stress levels, the weather outside, and fluctuating hormones. When it comes to a big shift, consider switching up your system to better fit your new situation. Take note of exactly how your skin has been changing, and try to find products that will target those effects without clashing with your basic skin type. Remember to test each one at a time, and know that it can take a few weeks for your skin to fully adjust to new products.

Could your skincare use a makeover?


  1. This is an awesome post! Every time I go on vacation my skin changes. I am jet lag and tired and my skin always shows it! I also think I am allergic to the soap they use at hotels, the one they wash the sheets and towels with because I always get an itchy rash! As soon as I get home my skin recoups but not without a lot of care.

  2. Some really nice stuff on this site, I like it.


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