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June 6, 2014

How To Lighten Your Hair Naturally Using Lemons and Chamomile

Today I will be sharing with you my secret on how I lighten my hair naturally using two simple ingredients: lemons and chamomile. Having dark blonde hair, my hair lightens in the summer by just staying out in the sun, but these two tricks are great if you want your hair to become even lighter, quicker. I enjoy doing this every once in a while once the weather is warmer, and after a couple of applications the results are definitely visible. I alternate between both methods, and they have both worked very well for my hair. Although I cannot attest to these tips working on darker hair, I have read that quite a few dark-haired women have seen results with this technique as well.

All you will need is:

2-3 whole lemons
1-2 chamomile tea bags
a lemon squeezer
a mesh sifter
2 bowls
1 cup boiling water
a comb
and a spray bottle (optional)

Lemon Method:

1. Cut your lemons in half and extract the juice using a squeezer.
2. Use the mesh sifter to trap any seeds and pulp when pouring into your bowl.
3. Pour directly onto your hair or use a spray bottle for a more subtle lightening effect.
4. Comb through your hair for even distribution.
5. Stay out in the sun for about an hour or until your hair is completely dry.
6. Rinse your hair in warm water or proceed to washing your hair as normal.

Chamomile Method:

1. Place your chamomile tea bags in your bowl.
2. Bring water to a boil and pour into your bowl.
3. Let the tea bags steep for 1-2 hours.
4. Pour directly onto your hair or use a spray bottle for a more subtle lightening effect.
5. Comb through your hair for even distribution.
6. Stay out in the sun for about an hour or until your hair is completely dry.
7. Rinse your hair in warm water or proceed to washing your hair as normal.

Time to soak up the sun!
The more lemon or tea bags you use, the higher the concentration of your treatment which will speed up the results. Staying out in the sun longer will also help. I however recommend doing this gradually since it will be less drying on your hair.

Although I see a significant difference after one treatment, what is so great is that you get gradual results and you can stop whenever you are happy with your hair color. To bring moisture back into my hair, I like doing a coconut oil hair mask right after (more on that here).

Let me know if you have tried this out! Do you have any other ways that you lighten your hair naturally?


  1. oh wow such an helpful post i really love it thanks for sharing :)

  2. That's awesome! I've only ever tried it with lemon juice, but never chamomile! Thanks for the tips :)

  3. I'm such a scardy cat... I've never dyed my hair or anything. My hair tends to lighten naturally in the summer months, but the thought of doing something to my hair actually scares me. I wonder if that's weird...
    Anways, super great post, regardless. Your hair definitely looks lighter, and I love when you can achieve awesomeness with natural products. You go, girl!

  4. thank you for your information are welcomed and also very useful

  5. This is very smart. Iuno if I want to try this on my hair though, it's too damaged to go through all that acidic juice lol

  6. Such great tips Natalie! I'm tempted to go blonde again for summer :)

  7. Wow!lovely result on your hair!
    Thank you for this nice tips!
    Have a fab sunday!

  8. Awesome post! My natural hair is so dark that I've always strayed away from natural lighteners, but I definitely am going to try one of these this summer! So cool.

    Diary of a Debutante

  9. I have tried lemon on my hair when I was younger, but I don't bother with messing with hair color now. I do, however like to put it on my face to even out my skin tone.

  10. perfect i really think to do it !!!!!!!!!!

  11. What a great tip! Pinned! Please join us tonight at 7 pm and party with us. We feel honored when you stop by!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  12. this is awesome, never heard of this idea before

  13. i like blond hair and its really a good tip thank you so much such a big help :)

  14. Such a brilliant idea!
    I definitely have to try this soon! :))

  15. This is so simple, and it has to be better than all of the chemicals for lightening hair.

  16. Is it bad for your hair at all?


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