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March 20, 2014

Dorco Shai Soft Touch 6 Blade Razor | Review

What is one of the most dreaded beauty steps us ladies have to deal with to maintain smooth skin? I can already hear you say it: shaving! With the warmer season that is approaching, shaving becomes essential, especially when it comes to showing off our legs in those cute skirts, dresses, shorts, and capris on those sunny and mild days. I don't know about you, but I personally like to use reusable razors since I find the cartridges stay sharp longer, not to mention that it is an environmentally-conscious choice. I recently got to try Dorco's Shai Soft Touch 6 Blade System for Women* and wanted to share with you how I have been liking it!

What is so special about this razor is that it is designed with six fine blades, and the cartridge also pivots. I personally stay away from traditional razors as I usually end up cutting myself with them - well that is, until the blades become dull (and that happens within only a couple of weeks). I had been using the Gillette Venus Breeze pivot razor for a couple of years now and it worked well for me, and I thought nothing would ever replace it. However, Gillete has met its match in the Dorco Shai Soft Touch Razor. Venus Breeze would always cut my skin during the very first use, and I was beyond impressed when the Dorco Razor didn't! It provides a close shave, while the lubricating band, formulated with Aloe, Vitamin E, and Lavender Oil hydrates my sensitive skin. The rubberized handle also enables for a no-slip grip, so gone are the days when I have to go fishing for my razor in the bathtub!

This Dorco razor also comes with an extra cartridge that is stored in a small case that snaps shut, which makes it perfect for traveling, as well as a wall mount for the shower. The price point of this product is also very appealing: the razor system pack, which comes with 2 cartridges, retails for US$5.95, and a box of 4 cartridge refills only costs US$6.75. They also offer a combo pack where you get the razor and 10 refills for only $14.59! I've already payed above US$15 just for a 4-cartridge refill pack for my Venus Breeze razor, so this Dorco razor definitely beats Gillette in all categories.

Dorco USA ships to both Canada and the United States, and they offer free shipping when you spend over US$40 and US$25, respectively. With coupon code SRSSI89M9, you can also benefit from an extra 20% off their site. This offer is valid until April 30th, 2014 (one use per customer).

What kind of razor do you use: disposable or a refillable system?

*Disclaimer: This product was kindly sent to me and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


  1. I must admit that I am lucky as I never have to shave (am born with minimal body hair) but the downside? I have minimal, short and sparse eyelashes too. LOL!

    1. Haha I wish I can relate, I need to shave AND I have sparse lashes T.T

  2. I just got the same razor to review Natalie…I liked your review, I'll let your know how I like it once I get a chance to try it out! lol

  3. I've heard sooo many rave reviews on this razor! I've been using electric razors for years, I just find them so much easier and way cheaper :)


  4. Will absolutely definitely have to give this a go, especially since warmer weather's just round the corner! Any razor that lasts at least a month is a huge plus for me, to be honest.

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