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February 9, 2014

Mavala Eye-Lite Double-Lash Growth Treatment

Having naturally short lashes and not being much of a false eyelash wearer, I was very eager to try the Mavala Eye-Lite Double-Lash* growth treatment. This product claims to reinforce, thicken and lengthen the lashes, and can also be used as a brow hair growth serum. This was my first time trying an eyelash growth treatment, and I am quite pleased with the results!

There has definitely been a lot of growth in the last month that I have been using it, which is also the time at which I should be seeing the full effect of the product. I have been using the treatment once daily before going to bed. After the first week of use, I noticed how much thicker my lashes got, and it's during week two that I really could tell how much longer my lashes had grown.

The bottle comes with a mascara-like wand, and I apply the treatment on both my top lashes (over and under) as well as my bottom lashes, focusing most of the product at the base. I have also not experienced any burning or itching, which is what I was most afraid of. I accidentally deleted the before picture of my lashes (good job, Natalie!), but below you can see what my bare lashes look like after a month of use. My inner and outer corner lashes have always been shorter and Double-Lash has definitely helped them grow out more. I still have a lot of product left in the bottle so I will keep on using it, and hopefully my lashes will get even longer!

Mavala Double-Lash (10 ml, $22.50) is sold in Canadian pharmacies and can also be bought online here if you would are interested in giving it a try! :)

Are you happy with the length and thickness of your lashes?

*Disclaimer: These products were kindly sent to me and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


  1. I have such short and sparse lashes. This is worth the try and its good to see it can be found in Canadian stores!!!

    Rozlyn P.

  2. Nice review, this product sounds great.

  3. Great review! I just got RapidLash and I'm kind of scared to start using it!


  4. great review dear ! xx

  5. You have really nice lashes! I am jealous!

  6. Lovely! - great closeup picture!
    PS - Go Canada!!! - aren't we doing well so far!! - 9 medals & in second place overall!

  7. Great Review Visiting from the Wakeup Wed Linky!! :) Nice to meet you!

  8. Hello! Could you say which pharmacies sell it? I haven't seen it in Canadian stores for a few years. Thanks.

    1. Hi there! They carry the brand in Jean Coutu pharmacies, but you can also purchase online (just click on the link of the product in this post to be redirected to the website).


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