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January 11, 2014

Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes

I had been hearing many good reviews on the Josie Maran line, and had also been looking for on-the-go nail polish remover pads, so when I spotted the Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes at Sephora I knew it was a sign - a sign for me to get them that is! Not only do they have a lovely grapefruit scent, but they are also all natural and organic. These nail wipes are said to do 3 things: remove nail polish, repair dry cuticles, and promote healthy nails. They also contain argan oil, one of my most preferred oils that I like to include in my beauty routine.

Although Josie Maran claims that one pad will remove polish from all 10 nails, I had to use one pad for each hand. Since the pads are so thin, after 5 nails the pad had gotten too dry. It also took me double the time to remove the polish with these wipes and I really had to press hard to get it all off. Onto the positives, these made my hands feel super hydrated! Since it contains all natural ingredients, it didn't irritate my skin like many polish removers do, and it also acted as a repair lotion as the solution took a while to sink into my skin.

For $11, I wish these wipes would remove polish more easily because I really like how moisturized my nails feel after using them. I probably won't repurchase them since they didn't perform as well as I had expected and I think I can find something better for the price.

Do you know of any good nail polish remover wipes?


  1. 10 Nails? Wow that claim is sooo ambitious!! Yea I wouldn't like this, it wouldn't last me a week lol

  2. Thanks for the review! Sounds like a great product, but ya... I'd go through these way too quickly. $1 Target nail polish remover beats $11 any day. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Diary of a Debutante

  3. This would have been awesome if they had covered 10 nails! I would still like to try them out though :)


  4. These sound great and likely are for someone who doesn't wear a lot of polish (or wears light, sheer shades), but I'd go through them way too fast! I still *almost* bought them though...

  5. Like your blog and previous post about labello - love it too!

    How about following each other? :)

    Let me know,

    Katja from Slovenia

  6. I don't know of any wipes, but I like those little jars where you stick your fingers in and kind of wiggle them to get the polish off. Although I've seen homemade versions with just a sponge in a jar and remover.

    Great review though.

  7. I love that these have argan oil in them and condition your nails and cuticles while you remove your polish. It may be worth the money because of that. I am argan oil obsessed.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. Okay, wait.......I have never heard of nail polish I way behind the times and crazy? ;o Even though they didn't perform as well as you had hoped, it's like a whole new world was just opened up for me! Hahaha

  9. Sounds like a great product but I think because of the price ...i would stick with Zoya polish remover :) xx

  10. This looks like such a good product, nice blog :)

  11. Too bad the wipes didn't work out as well as you hoped! I usually just use a good nail polish remover + a cotton pad - gets the job done!

  12. it's a shame that they didn't work out as well as you expected. We love the idea of them though, it would be so convenient and perfect for travelling!!


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