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December 4, 2013

Save The Blow Dry Shower Cap

Shower caps are an important shower accessory for us ladies, but unfortunately all of the ones I have tried can never fit all of my long, thick hair. Not only that, but with the one I had currently been using, almost every time, an unruly piece of hair would fall out of the cap when in the shower because the elastic band wasn't tight enough - I am sure you can relate with my frustration! Not only do these cheap shower caps wet my hair, but they flatten it to the point where I come out of the shower and my hair has lost all of its volume and has turned frizzy all over again. Thankfully, Save The Blow Dry* has been invented, and has become the solution to all of my hair problems while in the shower!

Like the name implies, Save The Blow Dry saves you from having to blow dry and style your hair. The little blurb on the back of the packaging really caught my attention when I started reading: "Did you know that on average, we girls spend over two hours a week blow drying and styling our locks?" That is a staggering statistic right there! This product has definitely come in handy and I have significantly cut down on the extra time it would normally take me to blow dry and style my hair. This shower cap is definitely the cutest one I have ever seen, and considering how obsessed I am with bows, I was just bound to love it!

Save The Blow Dry is super roomy, allowing for even the longest hair to fit inside. The elastic band fits nice and snug on my head, so I don't have to readjust it in the shower and my hair stays completely dry. The inside of the cap is lined with super-absorbent micro-weave towelling (it is so soft!), keeping humidity and condensation away. The cap can also be reversed when doing a hair mask treatment (as pictured above) so that the plastic side is on the inside, This way, the micro-weave on the outside will retain the heat escaping from your head and make you hair mask that much more effective since the treatment will have penetrated deeper into the hair. You can then easily wash the residue off the plastic side of  the cap when your done, and voilà: smooth hair galore!

The hair
Yup, plenty of room in there for all of it! :)
I love bows! <3
You can purchase Save The Blow Dry online from the website, and it is priced at £14.95, with shipping outside of the UK costing £3.00. The company has partered with a charity called Khandel Light, and every shower cap sold through the website directly funds a fortnight’s safe drinking water for a family in and around the deserted region of Khandel, Rajasthan, India, one of the most impoverished regions in the world. The product isn't yet listed in the US or Canada, but I think it is great that the company is looking to expand across the pond since we are definitely in need of good quality shower caps! 

What do you think? Is there a gap for this type of product in America? Where would you expect to see Save The Blow Dry being sold, and for how much?

*Disclaimer: This shower cap was kindly sent to me by Save The Blow Dry and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy. 


  1. Oh wow! I've been in search for a good shower cap. I will have to give this a try! Great Review.

  2. I wish I could get away with not washing my hair every day, it just gets too greasy!

    1. My hair is the same way, but I discovered that if I refrain from touching it too much during the day, then using dry shampoo on my roots the following morning, I can get away with washing my hair once every two days!


  3. I love the idea of this shower cap! I never really used one because I dont find shower caps effective, but the towel lining not only looks comfortable but it seems like it would keep hair super dry. Thank you for sharing this!


  4. this sounds awesome! i'm all about the big puffy shower caps that actually cover your whole head without the flattening factor! love this and the bows are just so pretty!

    -ariel* xoxo

  5. This is such a great invention! I need to give this a try and your hair turned out great!


  6. Haha this one's so cute, it makes you look like a real diva :p maybe I need to get one too, it is so annoying to wet your hair in the shower when you don't mean to!

    Cute and Wild

  7. such a great cap ! love your pretty hairs ! xx

  8. Shower caps are a must, I hate my hair getting wet when its not supposed to!! The caps great! Love the bows x

  9. I haven't used a shower cap in ages, nor have I heard of anyone using one! I'm so tempted to get one now though! Not only is it pretty, but it would help me save so much time!


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