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May 25, 2013

Nail Care Routine: Products I Use to Strengthen my Nails

I have always been one to struggle with keeping my nails nice and strong. The food you eat definitely has an impact on your nails just as it does on the rest of your body, since your nails depend on vitamins and minerals  such as Vitamin E and calcium to keep them from chipping and splitting, so that is definitely a good area to explore if you too suffer from thin, brittle nails. Topical care, however less "crucial", can also help prevent your nails from giving you attitude. Over the years, I have tested quite a few products out, and I have been able to narrow down those that work best for me. Here I will be sharing with you the 4 products that have significantly improved my "nail health"! :)

Starting with bare nails, I like to push my cuticles back to give my nails a clean canvas for when I apply nail polish, but also to make them look clean for when I decide to leave them "au naturel". I have been loving Sally Hansen's Problem Cuticle Remover, which contains Aloe Vera. The product comes with a slanted stick in the packaging, which allows for the easy removal of your cuticles. This remover is described as having "the ideal pH level for the quickest and easiest removal of thick, overgrown cuticles." I simply apply a thin layer on the edge of my nails, let the cream sit for about 5 minutes, and follow up with pushing my cuticles back with the stick. Once that's done, I rinse my hands in soapy water to get rid of any residue. It might sound painful (at first I was really hesitant to use this technique), but it's really nothing since the cream really moisturizes the skin around your nails making the process pain-free! This method is better than clipping your cuticles, which is said to be bad as it may cause painful infections. Cuticles are often undesired, but they are necessary as they keep our nails from getting infected - they just need to be tamed once in a while!

Next, I use Sally Hansen's Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil to bring back moisture to my nail beds. This product comes with a very handy brush and makes application super easy. I simply brush the oil along the edge of my nails, making sure to also apply some under the tips of my nails to help stimulate growth. It usually takes a couple of hours for the oil to completely sink in, so that's when I usually just sit back and watch TV! :)

Once my nails are dry, I use the Seche Rebuild polish as a base coat, which is meant to "strengthens weak, thin nails". I have been using this product for over a year now, and I have really noticed an improvement. My nails rarely split now, and the product is really great at preventing colored polish from staining my nails. Used on its own, Seche Rebuild evens out my nails and gives them a glossy finish.

Finally, whenever I apply a colored polish, I top it off with the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails UV Top Coat. It's great at sealing all of the layers and makes the polish last longer on my nails. I definitely notice a difference when I don't use it. This product allows my manicure to go 3-4 days without chipping, which is ideal for me (I mean, who really has the time to redo their nails every other day?... definitely not me!)

And there you have it: my nail care must-haves to keep my nails healthy and nicely polished! Let me know in the comments below which products you use in your nail care routine! :)


  1. These products seem very nice! I've used the sally hansen hard as nails before and I really enjoyed it. This reminded me that I need to purchase another bottle. I also really love to use the sally hansen nails and cuticle creme! It really keeps the skin around my nails nice and moisturized after manicures!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following back. Your blog is amazing and informative as well and I followed back.

    I have a hard time finding a good nail hardener. I find when I wear nail polish for weeks on end my nails strip. I bought the Essie nail strengthener but it didn't really do anything.

  3. I always over-remove the cuticle. And Sally Hansen makes the best hardeners ever, this one is my HG!

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  7. Great tips! I need something to help my nails grow:)

  8. Sally Hansen is always the way to go ;)
    I used their Hard As Nails and the Cuticle Oil before and I love them!
    Haven't been taming them on a regular basis though and my eating lifestyle has not been a very healthy one lately!

  9. I love the Sally Hansen Vitamin E oil. It's great. I've heard so much about the Hard as Nails base coat but never the top coat. I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

  10. these products seem to be amazing :) I'll watch out for them now! :D
    your blog is very cool- especially the layout! :)

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  12. That's such a good rutine! I should try it too :)


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